I miss your text messages I never replied. 

I miss checking my mobile after waking up and seeing a list of 100 missed calls from one private number. Your private number.

I miss how you’d start online conversations and conferences. I miss talking to you on the phone.

I miss studying with you at macdonalds every night, I wish O levels never ended.

I miss the feeling of being someone important to you. I miss being someone you could confide in. I miss being the one of the few people who’d come to your mind whenever you needed them. I miss your love. I miss being close to you.

I miss you so much, I need you back into my life.

I need you.

When the sunrise sets again, I will be there with you my friend and I will be there looking over your shoulder. Looking at this, I’m waiting for you.
Do you miss me when i miss you? And I will be there looking over your shoulder. I wish you would miss me,
the way that i miss you.


These few days, I’ve been especially unstable and moody, I haven’t got past an hour without feeling dolor.

It doesn’t help that my train of thought is atrociously messed up and all the intricate details of it cannot be decoded even by me.

My unfathomable dilemmas are, ironically, happily waiting to be divulged by, well, anyone who cares to listen.

I think we’re all going through the same kinda tough life.

Thank God for the people who have been opening up to me. I STRONGLY feel that sharing problems forges ties; indestructible bonds. Also, it helps me understand you better, and somehow, I get to know myself a little better too!

Monk, WE’VE GOT SOMETHING GOING ON. You’re like my significant other right now. I don’t think I am right to say that I understand EXACTLY what you feel, but I understand EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. Everything that’s happening to the both of us now. We’re all going through nearly the same kinda tough life but some of us abominably experience its adversely detrimental variants. You make me feel so glad to be alive. IF ONLY I KNEW YOU EARLIER.  BAY-BE DAAAAAALLLLLALLLL.

BANGZY. You and I? We’re THE SAME. But your text messages are getting shorter and shorter, I’ve got nothing to read anymore. AND WHY ARE YOU LOSING YOUR DRAMATIC TOUCH?


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