that grand scheme you had in place for your life. New variables change the original parameters. Use all your ingenuity and consult with experts as you put new plans in place.”

That was last friday’s horoscope.

Once again, it’s another one of http://www.astrology.com/straits attempts of fortune-telling and vague predictions that coincidentally coincides with my existing life-crisis. 

Last friday, apparently, after the last tutorial of the day, I finally got to meet Mr Unni (my class’ super cute care person with this super thick indian accent that makes you wanna do the left to right indian head bob ). Since I was the last person in my class to collect my matriculation card, I had to tell everyone…


Well actually everyone had to share their biggest dream when they collected their matriculation card. So it was only right that i had to shared mine with P703.

To say I was speechless, would be a serious understatement.

At that moment, I wanted to run away from all those eyes that were terribly eager to know. They looked like hungry flesh-eating monsters, salivating from their monstrous jaws….

No way on earth would I ever reveal it to them. It already bugs me that my rugby classmate Harresh needs to perpectually tell me I truly belong to DESIGN SCHOOL (and that I look like his best guyfriend called SAMUEL. WTH I LOOK LIKE A GUY?) and that I should just go back there. Lol.

My grand plan, my biggest childhood dream, was to become an actress/singer/visual artist/fashion designer altogether.  Note: I mentioned WAS. My dream for 16 years. I DESTROYED MY CHILDHOOD DREAM the day I chose to go into AMS instead of something I would’ve SUPREMELY LOVED like MASSCOM. I couldn’t possibly tell them. It would be too distressing, too upsetting and demoralizing. I LOST MY DREAM DAMNIT.

Therefore I told them my other big dream.


The monsters sorcerously transformed into laughing hyenas.


Well, it’s okay to lose a dream and live another! Although 16 years of singing acting and painting is going to be a huge waste… I’m going to think positive, be an optimist and aspire to rule with aviation.



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