SNS Body Shake-Out
The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) body shake-out releases residual tension from the body-mind system. After a shock, upset or stressful event, the sympathetic nervous system energy that mobilized to handle the stress may not fully discharge from your system, and doing the SNS Body Shake-Out is a way to release this excess energy.

Animals in the wild, when they encounter danger, automatically release any excess SNS energy that was not discharged in escaping or fighting. They do this by shaking it off, rolling over, running or trembling all of the muscles in their bodies.

This SNS Body Shake-Out is something that you can do whenever you feel tense or after you’ve been in a tense situation to release the stress from your system.

How to:

Start by shaking out your wrists.
Now shake out your wrists and elbows vigorously ;include your shoulders.
Now include your neck in the shake-out, as well as your wrists, elbows and shoulders.
Now shake out your hips and chest. Bounce on your knees. Shake out your ankles.
Now shake out your whole body!
Complete the SNS body shake-out by bending over and shaking out your jaw, shoulders, and arms.
Slowly straighten from the base of your spine.
Take a deep breath and sigh out.


Pause for Centering
Taking a pause is one of the most powerful ways to re-center yourself. Use it when you are beginning any new phase of your day, or when you feel upset or disoriented. Even in an argument you can say, “Let’s take a pause.” If you are feeling rushed or overwhelmed, take a pause. If a friend is upset say, “Let’s slow down and take a pause.” You can do a pause for centering silently whenever you need it, in a few seconds, or if you have more time, in a few minutes.

How to:
Take a pause whenever you have completed something and before you move into your next activity:


Breath slowly and deeply through your nose. Let your ribs and belly expand as you breathe in, and let them relax inward as you breathe out. Do this rhythmic breathing until if flows easily and naturally.

As you breathe out, relax each part of your body, beginning with your head, your eyes, mouth and jaw. Relax your shoulders, your arms and your hands. Relax your torso – chest, lungs, abdomen and back — legs, ankles and feet. Check in with your body and relax any areas that are holding tension or pain.

Bring your attention to your heart and as you breathe in, receive love. As you breathe out, expand your love to those around you, your family, your group, your community and the world. When you feel ready open your eyes, take as long as you need.

When you feel ready, you can open your eyes. Look around the space you are in and feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are with others, make eye contact and feel supported by their loving presence. You may want to share one word that describes how you are feeling now.

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