How can one live with pain?

 Physically, and mentally.

Pain elicits negative emotions. From what I have been constantly experiencing and observing, you become frustrated at getting no relief, and depressed at the thought of putting up with all this crass, day in, day out.

Most of us relieve ourselves of this frustrating pain by crying.  By screaming. By calling up one of your best friends who is willing set aside whatever they’re doing to hear you out. By binging complusively.  By shopping impulsively. By hurting yourself out of stupidity.

You feel like putting an end to all this misery, once and for all.

You get the feeling that other people don’t understand your predicament or think you are exaggerating it.

You(I) jump into different conclusions, feeling like you’re(I’m) the most sensible, overly-matured, deep-thinking, philosophical adolescent in this world, capable of separating yourself from the cynical world and coming up with a solution that will impress. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help.

You get so confused by all the word twisting and the deep talking, you probably wished that being stupid isn’t such a bad thing afterall.

Because if you’re REALLY stupid with absolutely no knowledge/common sense/logic, you’ve got NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Yeah, you’ve got NOTHING up there. It’s just an empty hollow. You just got no brains to over-think or analyse or judge or doubt or do anything.

You just…. stone. DOH…..

Albeit, I cannot consider myself stupid for I wouldn’t even have the brains to blog.

You suddenly figure out, all your friends are just as hypocritcal as you are. All that’s cliche, could actually be all that’s true in this damned world. Love never really existed. It was just something the world came up with. An excuse for us to carrying on living our pathetic, miserable lives. “Love” was just something for us to cling onto.

In the end, the only being you can rely on isn’t all your “friends”.

He’s God.


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