1st October 2005 English Essay "It is a well-kno…

1st October 2005
English Essay

It is a well-known fact in this world, that everybody is born different. It is inherent in our genes to be genetically different from the next. We all have different perspectives, different expectations and different ideologies. We are each unique in what we look for in the person we want to spend the rest of our lifetime with. It is every woman’s dream to want to get married to the man they love, yes. It is integrated into every woman to want to find love and live happily ever after. Dreaming of the ideal spouse was never a crime, although such dreams do not often come true. Besides, it is definitely inappropriate for a teenager like me to think of such issues now. Then again, this is the easiest English topic and marks will be awarded. So what would my ideal spouse be like?

Firstly, he must be able to accept for who I am and how I look like. Even if my face were to be red with acne during that time of the month, he will always remember no one on earth is perfect. Even if I were to become horizontally challenged in the future or maybe even worse, become awfully disfigured to the unrecognizable, he will still remain loyal to me. Also, if I were to become the most detestable person on earth, he will still be proud to be seen with me and let negative opinions fall on deaf ears.

Secondly, he must be my pillar of strength if I should fall and my comforter in second position to God. I can rely on him to guide me as I make life-threatening decisions. He must be able to understand my every train of thought. He must accept my weather-like mood swings and deal with them ably. Despite the fact that there may be a certain time when he fails to be able to help me, all I need from him is his fullest support and encouragement.
Lastly, and most important of all, he needs to trust me. Trust is the most important essence in a relationship. Without trust, misunderstandings suggest it and that brings about a whole new lot of problems. Such common examples are jealous husbands who go to the extent of murdering the innocent party out of passion. When there is trust, both of us are free to go out with people of the opposite gender without bringing up the infamous topic of adultery. Trust itself already ensures stability of all different relationships.

I should include one more important point.
He MUST have (at the very least) GOOD ENGLISH GRAMMER. And SPEAK WELL.


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