i just made my brother cry. in fact he’s crying be…

i just made my brother cry.
in fact he’s crying because he’s really angry.
i can FEEL the anger. raging from within.

all i did, was tell him this (it’s really simple)
“From today onwards, you can’t listen to rock/pop or worldly music anymore.”


“No you can’t. No more. You’ve been really vulgar lately anyway.”

“I promise i won’t scold vulgarities anymore la! I promise i promise!”

“All that, so you can listen to worldly music? The devil’s music?”

(silence. shuffles feet and jerks about. jerking movements become more agitated. more furious.)

“(cries and wails)”

“Why are you crying? Just because you can’t listen to rock anymore?!”

“(too much mumbling so i can’t really figure out what he’s saying.)”

(a lot of wailing.)

i haven’t heard my brother cry like that. never. it’s really terrible. i felt bad about making him cry. but somehow, the fact that he’s crying over not being able to listen to rock really drives me mad. i acted like i couldn’t care and used the computer nonchalantly.

jun mentioned something that made a lot of sense.

tissue. says:
u see ah. u are going to be 17 la. ur bro is still considered immature la. imagine u are back in sec 2 or smth den somebody come and tell u this u wont be happy too. u understand it now cos u are old enough to think wat

tissue. says:
dun deprive ur bro now la. try to guide him along the way

tissue. says:
dun come and tell him he CANNOT . he will feel u are forcing him and of cos he’s not happy

tissue. says:
the thing abt * . IT SHLD BE STOPPED LONG AGO LA. yeah u shld talk to him bout the * thing. but i think the music thing give him bit time la. he’s at the stage where he needs attention and acceptance among his friends wat . i hope u understand this rite

tissue. says:
but jus getr him to noe * is not good and correct AT ALL

tissue. says:
yeah. the *.

tissue. says:
the music try to tell him from time to time la

tissue. says:
but dun force him abt the music thing first i think?

tissue. says:
cos if its u i dun think u will like it too

tissue. says:
he’s young to not understand la.

tissue. says:
but yes u shld stop the * cause it will get bad. if u are afraid the music thing will get worse also. den keep track and talk to him often lor

): i need to talk to my brother.


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