Church camp was a totally whole new different expe…

Church camp was a totally whole new different experience for me.
Dr. H.T Spence from the Foundations Christian Academy is one of the most greatest preachers on this earth and his messages (combined with the youth messages) were extremely convicting. No one expected the overwhelming response/testimonies on thursday night!
God is merciful, and he is great. And for all that He has done for us sinners, i love Him so.

I deleted 700++ songs today. And that also means goodbye to Eisley (BRIGHTLY WOUND) and goodbye to The Hush Sound and all the indie psychedelic rock. No more lyrical compositions too. It was a huge sacrifice to make but it’s the best decision i have made so far this year. It means a little more of me stepping out of the world and into my special relationship with God. From today onwards, it’ll be classical music and hymns of praise all the way!

I don’t know if i should abandon the design, drama & dance industry, my entire passion, for a new life. I definitely don’t want to become an engineer for the rest of my life.

There are many sacrifices i’m gonna be making, now. And every choice that i make, every path that i take, will solely be for his cause.

I need a new life. To be born again.



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