Yes it’s rebelliousness. Being extremely opinionat…

Yes it’s rebelliousness. Being extremely opinionated, self-willed and unshakable. That’s who you are. And for the way you are, ETS have learned to tolerate, accept and, overtime, became accustomed to your rare personality.

It’s not that no one will ever change your mind. But it’ll be whether you’ll allow them to change yours. Everyone has a right. Everyone was given the willpower to decide what they want in life.
Even God gave us the will to decide for ourselves, whether we want to believe in Him or not. Perhaps you misunderstood me. I never wanted to decide how you should live your life. I just wanted to show you the various paths you can choose to walk on. If you feel that all that i have said are selfish requests, i’m at a loss of words.

My answer to your question is, this is your life.

You can choose to believe in The Relationship that i believe in. I never wanted to force you. I never wanted to push you into a corner and force you to succumb to doing something which is “not a big thing”, “not important” to you “at all”.

I’m not forcing you to go to church with me. I don’t know if i seem like i am, but it’s not my intention at all. My intention, is for you to be saved. So everytime, i’d tell you, “If you wanna go to church, msg me okay?” or “If you don’t wanna go it’s okay, just tell me.” Perhaps in the midst of being too enthusiastic about My Most Beloved getting saved, my persuasiveness probably seemed like i was forcing you. The questions you asked about christianity gave me the impression that you were truly interested in knowing more. That’s why i wanted to take you to church because the more experienced preachers would be better in explaining the word than i can. I got the wrong signal. I didn’t know that you were not interested in it. I don’t know. I’m so confused now.

I was just trying my best everyday. Hoping that if i kept asking you to come to church with me and not giving up on you, you’d one day finally come to believe in Him.

For all i know, i’m definitely not threatening you. Never.
Yirun said it’s like pushing a inflated basketball into a swimming pool.
I’ll say it again, i never intended to force you.
I just hoped, wished, and prayed you’d believe in God OUT OF YOUR OWN WILL.

I’m trying.

No you’re not a selfish bitch. Why do you even call yourself that when you strongly believe that you are allowed to ask for what you want in life?

This is not a game.

You have the power to decide. to choose. to live the way you want.

Now answer me. Do you want me to stop asking you to go to church with me?
I will stop if you want me to. (:
But you can’t stop me from hoping and praying you’ll be saved someday. It’ll be my turn to decide then.

I love you, Jun. Our friendship means a lot to me. You, Tricia, Evie. The three of you are very dear to me. You all know that.
We really need to clarify this.


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