sad. He made me some kind of a lovefool. although …

He made me some kind of a lovefool. although i’ve been fooled, i allow myself to be fooled again and again. and he just made me feel like some kind of a fool AGAIN just now.

She means so much to me. so everything she said, hurts me so. i couldn’t help but cry. i think i’m going insane. everything she said. every word she typed. it was all so cold. all so sharp. but i feel like i will never ever understand all that’s on her mind. i will never be close to her because she won’t let me. i’m trying very hard to try and explain my inner pain, but unfortunately my mind isn’t allowing me to. perhaps this is the reason why we get misunderstandings. when the mind misinterprets what the heart feels. this is my definition of the current misunderstanding for now.

For everything i say, everyone will always have to say something about it, to argue about.
I don’t mind.. It’s how life works. Like what my dad and Donald Trump says.

Life’s Unfair.
It always is and always will be.

Seems to me that all i can do now is, to depend on the power of prayer.
Those characters’ like rare cancer, some kind of rare bacteria that’s poisoning the stream of life, causing a kind of rare blindness that blinds the infected. As a result, the reliance on the remaining senses overwhelms, and a new, devastating confidence surges.


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