.em sevol ehs .reh evol i dna .retho hcae evol ew …

.em sevol ehs
.reh evol i dna
.retho hcae evol ew
she loves him.
he loves her.
they love each other.
she wants the relationship to last forever.
and so does he
.i od os dna
the situations are different.
no one wants the relationships to end.
but with the will
there will always be a way.

.miH evol I
He loves Him.
But she doesn’t give a damn at all.
There’s nothing wrong.
It’s no one’s bad.
You can’t force a person to love Him.

It’s all about her.
It’s all about her.
It has to be all that she wants.
But what about us.
But what about us.
But what about what we feel?

Does she know our fear?
The fear we’re burdened with
And the guilt we might take along when we die?

she think she knows
she’s known it all.
and yes, she really does.
her mind so mature
she’s experienced much more
but how can she be so sure this time?

i’m sure she hasn’t
hasn’t heard it all.
she doesn’t stop to listen!
a million times too many
i’m losing my head.
and all i can do
is fill my eyes with tears
and cry my heart out till its sore.

we may never understand how you feel
because that’s how you feel
that no one understands you
because that’s how we feel too
that no one understands you

but the posts you’ve made
and the problems you’ve bottled
aren’t helping at all
posing like a bloody barrier
between our communication

it’s about you it’s about you
it’s always been about you!!

You might’ve forgotten what you mean to us.
For why would we constantly ask you to come
When it’s not for your best interests at all?

Because there you see
it all leads to you
it’s all about you
your life’s already about you!
you think you have
but you really haven’t
you need to stop
and really think through
because you really haven’t
when you thought you have
because you really haven’t
although you thought you really have.
no more lamenting.
no more complaining.
you don’t know how miserable we are…


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