I’m on a guilt trip. ): It’s something similar to…

I’m on a guilt trip. ):

It’s something similar to the story, “The Boy who Cried Wolf”. But my story would be better known as, “The Prank Turned Catastrophe”. A group of merry, fun-loving friends who were merely teasing/playing tricks on a close friend. Who would’ve expected the entire joke to blow? There’s honestly no one’s to blame. No one. No one is to be judged either. The person who was affected the most, didn’t loathe or get irate with us. She didn’t even want to make a big deal out of it. But i sank on hearing, “Masterminds. Perpetrators.”
To be labelled as a “Mastermind”, is a little overboard, isn’t it? If you trying checking up the correct definition of a Mastermind from the dictionary, it’ll probably like, “plan and direct (a complex undertaking)”.
Perpetrator would be the correct term. Still, it sounds bad.
It’s not like we conspired in a homicide. We’re only young teenagers. Human. Allow me to emphasize the word HUUMAN. Everyone makes mistakes. And then we learn from the mistakes we’ve committed. I think we’ve been mis-everything. Misjudged. Misunderstood. Mistakened. We need to be justified.

We’ve become victims now, too.
Victims of guilt.

This is NOT an excuse. If it appears otherwise then you’ve definitely gotten the wrong idea. But i can’t do anything to change that. Freedom of thought.

I’d like to make a public apology to those who were affected (particularly sec 3 girls):


I know she hates me. She has always hated me from the start we met. Her first impression of me was never good. And i know it. Because i wasn’t born yesterday and i have my pair of fully developed eyeballs and earholes to prove that. I have apologized for what i have done. I admitted that i had forgotten to consider the consequences of what could actually happen if we played the prank. It was entirely my fault for failing to see that. I have already told her that “I know i can’t change the way you think of me.” If her intentions had been for my own good, she could’ve talked to me privately and not in front of my classmates. Maybe she didn’t realise what she was doing, no, shouldn’t she be mature enough to know? Plus, i doubt she even knows EXACTLY what went wrong. She wasn’t even invovled AT ALL. ZERO. GOSONG. From my perspective, she wasn’t even trying to be understanding. And i wanted to laugh at the way she boasted about being sucha know-it-all. Self-proclaimed walking human satelite. Well done. Here’s something i should’ve told her, “Don’t belittle me, pseudoclassichippo.”


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