haha mah granneh wants me to post and make my blog…

haha mah granneh wants me to post and make my blog happy 😀

the bottom right of the computer screen shows the time 9.25AM.
thank god it’s saturday. the week has drained me of my brain juice and i NEED to start regenerating for next week and the rest of the year until the O levels. i have to work extra hard this month to make up for not studying during the last 2 weeks of the june holidays. when mr heng checks my study schedule, he’s gonna fry me into scrambled eggs (darn. why did i say scrambled eggs. i feel like frying myself a plate of scrambled eggs now) and serve me to LHP. FYI, LHP is the abbreviated version of THE Learning Hub Programme.

Well the LHP isn’t sucha bad idea because i have a major problem with self-study. My only pragmatic approach to that solution would be GROUP-study, which often fails to serve the purpose of STUDYING with GOOD FRIENDS because there’s always something to LAUGH about, TALK about, GOSSIP about (gossiping is bad. STOP GOSSIPING), CRY about. The best group of people i’d study with INDIVIDUALLY or in THREES (and no more than that) would be jocelyn, hidaya, cheryl, brandon, geraldine, andre mitchell. that’s it. I’m sorry BANGZ & JUN that you’re not present in that name list. it’s not your fault. it’s just that I CAN’T STOP TALKING TO YOU BOTH.
it’s a bad thing & a good thing. 😀

okay enough ’bout skool alreadeh.

Last night, (a friday night) Si Hong, Jocelyn and i were invited to a BBQ, a gathering for the Sakura ex-staff at pit 16 in the pasirris park. It was the last time we’d get to meet a ex-colleague of ours, Eric, who’d be joining the NS recruits for 2 years. The three of us met up first at downtown where we were SUPPOSED to study at, but because i was LATE (again. as usual. *rolls eyes*), there was no more time left for mugging and we had to head for pit 16.

Now (the people who frequents pasirris park should know) the DISPLACEMENT of pit 16 and downtown east isn’t really far apart. but the TROUBLE of having to walk along the WINDING pavements is a much LONGERDISTANCE. that would be equivalent to walking 3 times the displacement. So instead of enjoying a LONGLONGLONGLONGLOOOOONG romantic walk in the park, we took a shorter route to pit 16 by walking along the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide (all the gas in the universe) polluted road.

I took some nice photos of Jocelyn and Sihong along the way. (I’ll try to post em up later)

When we finally reached the pit (which we had some minor trouble finding), the BBQ fire had not yet started. =O time check: 19 45 hrs.

we had to walk BACK to downtown east (together with iman, steve, haoran, weichao) to get
fire starters.
and some nice, unhealthy soft drinks and ice, that would probably melt into water along the way. haha eric wanted kerosene. he wants to burn down the park or what.

AND jocelyn shared a most appalling piece of information. a girl had been pitifully KICKED, PUNCHED & GANG RAPED. what got me going like, “ARE YOU SURE? ARE YOU SURE? ARE REALLY VERY SURE?” was the part where this time, it wasn’t a bunch of males who did it.

Imagine a group of VERY ANGRY ahlians gone wild.

I didn’t have to imagine it. Iman had a blue-toothed video of it. The images ARE very disturbing. I think you can even find the video on you-tube. Poor girl.

We’ll do a little math.
Jocelyn, Si Hong & Samantha, walked to pit 16 from downtown east. Then they walked from pit 16 with some boys to downtown east to get some stuff from cheers and walked back from downtown east to pit 16 again. Estimate the distance the three girls walked.

Lets say displacement, S = t³ + t² + 2 (anyhow haha)
So velocity, v = 3t² + 2t
And acceleration, a = 6t + 2

okay i don’t know how to continue. HAHA.



and when we reached the pit, erwin (my ex manager), melody, geraline, amien and a few other fun people had already arrvied. we took some nice pictures too 😀 we ate lots of unhealthy BBQ-ed food (the hot dogs & crab meat were GREAT. yumyum) and pinghong kept teasing me for being sucha jiak (a dialect of the word ‘eat’) kantang (a malay word for ‘potato’. used to describe people who speak more english than chinese. i think.)

then Eric brought birthday girl & girlfriend, Xinning away to one corner while we set the NICE, DOUBLE FUDGED, LAYERED CHOCOLATE CAKE (MMMMMMMMMMMMMYYUUUMMMMM) on the table. i forgot how many candles there were. Should be one big candle and 6 small ones. 😀

She was in tears when we sang the birthday song. 😀 SO SWEET!!!!!

After we ate some cake and took some more pictures, we got a lift from Erwin in his five seater car. But because there were 9 people in total, 2 had to take a taxi home and 5 had to squeeze at the back seats. So from left to right at the backseat was me, with jocelyn sitting on my lap, sihong next to me, steve and lastly iman. Erwin drove and his nephew (i forgot the name :D) sat in front. The ride was hell. I think Erwin was a little upset with our indecisiveness. So he really stepped on the accelerator. I was pancaked. 😀

last night was real fun.
i gotta study today.



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