haha something to laugh about on the May 21st. "…

haha something to laugh about on the May 21st.

Oh yes. Yesterday,was with Jun and Sam(antha). There was one period where they agreed in EXTREME unison when they were talking abt online games. They were talking about their brothers playing maple and hogging the computer. I think sam’s brother was hilarious by spending his life savings on game cards. The blatant act of sacrifice to virtual space. Sam depicted it magnificently, “You pump all your money into vitual space and POOF,its all gone?!” Well, she said something like that. There was this tint of exasperation in her tone. Darn funny lah. I must say, when these two bestfriends talk, their lips defy logic. It moves so fast, that it looks blurred. I’d bet it was moving at supersonic speed. Maybe I’m exagerating. Maybe. And yes, they laugh at the wrong things. They seemed so excited about the fact that their mums are going for operation on the same day. ITs just funny to watch them talk.

your boyfriend is just damned hilarious la.

and thanks for hearing me out.
and putting up with my wailing… and full-of-mucus-nose blowing. đŸ˜€
i’ll get over it someday. (:



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