HELLO :) " Monday, April 24, 2006 exams are aroun…


Monday, April 24, 2006
exams are around the corner.and i have come out with a plan that i think will help me more or less in my studies.and the tatic im using is motivation.many people felt demoralise due to the lack of confidence and usually give up easily because of the lack of motivation.for some cases,it’s due to the lack of goals.and of course,for the most crucial year of my life,06,i think i shouldnt think much or play with any of the stuff listed on my list for the moment. cause i was told that it will happen so long i do well for my O!

here’s something i’ve quoted from Donovan Tan’s rather recent entry!
and i totally had to agree with him mann.

and there’s another one from Chi An,

Wah kao………………….. tell u guys man… im damm F-ing stress… errrrrr!!!!!!!!!!Exams are coming in another 1 week time and im not really prepared for it….Esp combined hums and geog….. how bout u guys out there???i agree wif wat don had said abt motivation… whenever i dun fel like studying i willl think of wat i want in the future...”

what do i want in the future?

to reside in a colossal exclusive property.
simple-yet-sophisticated, multi-coloured-yet-classic, clean green environment-inspired home designed and built by me with state-of-the-art furnishings.
the structure of my home would promote water-saving habits (no water wasting MAN-MADE fountains or swimmingpools. then again i might consider living near a rushing river because i love the sound of natural rushing water) with low-electricity consumption (SOLAR POWER) and surrounded with LOTS OF MOTHER NATUREEEE.

in that home i would live with MY MOM, primary school besties JUN, FAYE & TRICIA.

i want a rocker’s big black motorbike and drive around singapore in a limosine with a personal chauffeur.

i want to be a really successful woman who’ll live WITHOUT A MAN.
(okay that’s a little out of point)

i’ll either contribute to the society or promote visual & theatrical arts or study dead bodies.

i might consider doing forensics.
world-reknowned forensics investigator.

make enough money to travel around the world (WITH JUN, FAYE & TRICIA) and have the luxury of living in posh inter-continental hotels for the rest of my life.
wait that would be i wouldn’t need my dreamhome anymore.

haha how unrealistic.

okay fine. i’ll tell you what i’ll want to do after the o levels. i want to leave singapore and live with faye & jun in faye’s dutch-style private home located somewhere in Australia’s peaceful countryside… with a panoramic view for all to see… where lillies and dandelions blossoms and blooms across the lush green fields… the skies so blue…


anyway the exams have started. since yesterday (which was a monday). as you can see, i’m not a very good writer so i’m very sure i am going to FAIL my ENGLISH PAPER 1. no seriously. i didn’t get to complete sect. A and sect. B. for section A, i chose Question 1. It has something to do with describe an incident where you tried to help but made matters worse. goodness i think i’ve made matters worse for myself. the whole damned story was totally out of point. what has romance got to do with making matters worse? URGH.

i’ve been writing out of point lately. correction.

it’s expected that people like BRANDON or ISA ONG or RIZAR or FAZEELA or AARON ABRAHAM are once again, going to dominate the title of FIRST IN TEH LEVEL FOR ENGLISH.

it’s time i practiced my writing skills by means of blogging.
PEOPLE WHO ARE READING THIS! >> please help me by tagging topics i could write about. and after i’m done with blabbering, be my essay critic.

your help is greatly appreciated!! 🙂


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