friday the 13th’s tomorrow (: Yes 13th January, …

friday the 13th’s tomorrow (:

Yes 13th January, Friday (unfortunately XD), the birth date of my most understanding and greatest friend (erm, not as great as my father in heaven XP BUT STILL GREAT!) & sister, MISS JUN.

Oh Junny Dearest,

I can still remember the beautiful gift Trish, Faye & I presented to you on your 15th birthday. Now it better hold some special significance (including the shredded paper we PAID to decorate) to you because none of JETS received birthday presents (not to mention christmas presents) from each other EXCLUSIVE OF YOU. LOL. Do you not realise how terribly fortunate you are? ((: I love your life. How you get to share branded clothes with your elder sister.. how you get to know such a professional DDR dancer like jonathan.. how you study so hard and get results people like me can never attain.. how you hardly ever cry in front of me and i’m ALWAYS weeping like a crow in front of you.. how you STARVE yourself so you won’t grow sideways like me and look so CURVY.. how you take self-indulging pictures of yourself with my camera until they make up 75% of the overall storage of images in my computer.. (OKAY I’M OVER-EXAGGERATING XD)
Although you do have your downs, you must always remember that there will always be another person who is suffering a fate worse than yours. (:

I truly regret not being able to spend time much with you during the december holidays. Still i hope the 3-4hours of window shopping together was good enough for you. I truly regret telling you we can’t hang out because i’m always having issues or other events to attend to. Your disappointed reply really makes my day. I think of you all the time and how you do not deserve such a BUSY friend like me. Still, you cannot cast away this BUSY friend of yours because this BUSY friend needs you! (:

We’re gonna spend time together from 10pm to 3am tomorrow. AT LEAST I’M ABLE TO PLEASE JUNNY DEAREST ON HER BIRTHDAY. ((:


Yours Truly.

I was late for school today. Literally 1 SECOND late. (: That was for not running for bus 21 with jayven. Oh how i love the cold rainy weather. Feels like winter. Well i don’t really know how does winter feels like cause i’ve never experienced winter before. But i suppose winter’s something like the feeling of freezing in an air-conditioned classroom with the fans switched on and blowing directly above you and when you look out from the window you will realise it’s raining cats and dogs. It’s that cold you could even see water vapour turning to ice in class. Okay this bit is nonsense. It just feels like winter. (:

Literature class is fun. Because i talk in class chatter-buddies, jocelyn, cheryl, fion, cheryn, elyn and etc. when we’re supposed to make our own literature notes. I’m sure on the month before the GCE “O’s, everyone, including me, is gonna freak out.

Mr Anthony Tan is a good art teacher. Should anyone in my secondary school critisize him, try me. He trys hard not to stress stressed-out students and he just makes you feel guilty for not doing his work because he gives you so much chances. I don’t do my supportive studies at all and only rush through it after school during our extra time. Yet he doesn’t mind. Whoohooo. I’m motivated to finish up my SYF art piece.

Homework’s accumulating. We get 5 assignments today, complete 3, go to school the next day and receive another 7 more assignments. The stress gets stresser and stresser. But homework’s good. It better be good. If not i don’t see why teachers have to give students so much stress and so much homework, which stresses them out too because they have to mark our homework and when they give us a lot of homework, they’ll have to mark lots of homework as well. (:

All that talk about homework. I gotta be doing my homework now. (: See ya in a few weeks’ time.


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