i have attained the brown belt! yeah and the next …

i have attained the brown belt!
yeah and the next step is to memorize all the belts.
damned i wish they had double promotion for that belt.
and thank you Lord for calming me down
when i was having butterflies in my tummy. (:

haha and the xiang guy was looking @ me
during the entire grading process.
extremely EMBARASSING.
i was supposed to kick and front kick
and a jumping turning.
instead i did this double turning thing.

thank god i didn’t mess up the second part
or i could’ve failed.
and i’ll NEVER show mercy again.
i think (i always say that)
the person who was sparring with me
kicked me continuously okay!

when i say i won’t be kicking u at all
don’t use that opportunity to kick my VERY IMPORTANT AREA.
oops sorry.
but no one has ever done that okay.
why don’t they have very-important-area guards for females?

i think i’m an ammature in relationships.
i didn’t treasure what i had
and when i wanted it back
i realised that things like that will never come back.

lala and i have so much homework to complete.
damned damned.
and i also have to memorize lines.
plus design/construct this racial harmony thang.
waste of time. argh.


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