amesh just called. okay well not just called lah….

amesh just called.

okay well not just called lah.
it was about an hour or so.
and he asked me why i didn’t come for drama.
i’m so tired can.
i spent the whole day SCREAMING at the 3E1 guys.
they stink like the garbage truck that comes by!
and i also had to study for my physics test!
and i also had to vaccum and mop the floor todayy.
and i also had to write sorry notes!
but i didn’t tell him that coz i so know it’s unacceptable.
i guess his situation is far worse than mine.
amesh if you see this
i am so, so sorry.

today i found out that i cannot, CANNOT and never will be
a director in the future.
if i were to direct anything i might get a cardiac arrest.
i’d rather be the script writer
or the backstage helper.
or someone else be the director and direct me.

and i don’t think the class performance rocked.
it was suppse to..
but it didn’t.
well it wasn’t that bad either lah. xD
just didn’t turn out the way i wanted?
i can’t be blamed being so perfectionistic.

anyway leftie’s my middle finger is blister-ed.
thanks to all the sliding and sliding and sliding on the acoustic guitar.
worth it lah.
i never heard greenday’s holiday song before
and i was told to play it 3 days before the class play
i was so afraif of embarassing myself onstage
i practiced like hell till i had a big painful blister.
and i like bursting blisters.
so i burst it. XD
i couldn’t hear myself today.
even as i bass solo-ed.

i’ll continue mugging for tml’s physic RE-test.

blahblah and lala.

i typed shit in 5 mins


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