got this from my cousin’s blog. Okay. I’m sick of…

got this from my cousin’s blog.

Okay. I’m sick of this.

Friendster has been chewed up
and spat out like bad bacon
by Singaporeans.
Why? The bad use of English,
the act of retardedism and
most importantly, the disgusting
and unfathomable pictures
of you guys acting cute.

Puffing up your cheeks DOES NOT make you look cute. It just emphasizes on how you’re trying to hold back a burp. You look like a pufferfish. A moronic pufferfish.

Taking a shot from the top is alright, but do not ever open your eyes SUPER WIDE and act cute. Never. It freaks people out, gives hentai lovers a description of how you’re begging to get your face sprayed all over with cum. Oh yeah, you look like a dog too. My dog. So bark?

DO NOT EVER DO HAND GESTURES. It just symbolizes on your stupidity and how you’re trying so hard to speak “Retard” in sign language.

euu; miie; blahblahblahinserthereenlongatedword. They are creative, so to speak, but when you write compositions, you don’t spell them like that, do you? I’d rather you take the time to spell every word correctly and leave a good impression on foreigners, than leave your dimwit-slime all over.

Get your grammar and vocabulary right. “Love hurts”, not “Love hurt”.

What’s up with the how “moii” thing? Moi is a French word – stop abusing that word. lest the French invade. Do you actually use that word in your real life conversations? Do you know how to pronounce it? And if you do, it’s not “mu-oi”. It’s “mu-ah”, you moron.

I merely want you all to change for the better of not only your country, but for your own sake too. But hey, read on.

Whoever doesn’t sign admits the fact that he/she has condemned himself or herself to my list of so-to-speak dumbpricks and/or crackheads. Inducing on that fact, you are also welcome to my full list of insults, garbage and junk. If I have offended any of you, you are a loser as you are easily agitated by just an internet mail.

To my friends: If you do type/act like the above, please try to change. I’m not forcing, just requesting. If not, meh.

HAIL to the person who wrote this.


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