i’m standing in the middle, of nowhere. okay. i’m…

i’m standing in the middle, of nowhere.

i’m having one of those “i’m so lonely” kinda feeling again.
it comes
and IT goes.
so i just gotta bear with it till that feeling goes away.
haha it’s like an unpredictable period. xD

anyway, today i slept the whole day.
and usually when i do that
i’m trying to run away.
i’m having some psychological problem la.
(haha that’s my own diagnosis. xD )

and when i slept i really wanted to have some dream
popping in and telling me about the drama script.
what comical stuff i could add in.
but i just dreamt about me being superman.
i’m so not kidding.
smallville got into me.
and the dumb dream kept repeating this scene where
i try to fly up a hole but i just can’t
like a spoilt video.
replaying and rewinding and replaying and rewinding….

i think i’m feeling depressed.
i hate myself for being so easily affected by stuff
and getting pestered by guilt and regret all my life.

being too knowledgable is a curse.

i really wanted to go to the Zoo with sister clau, the tang sisters and amanda!
argh but i’m so short of cash
i can only afford to go to sentosa tomorrow with six-G.
ooh i have my reasons.

i’m so glad i have GOD with me. (:
without him i would be so helpless now.
probably in some mental hospital
or cremated months ago.

i must not falter.


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