Astatine – Ignis Fatuus (whisper) Reviving her fi…

Astatine – Ignis Fatuus

her first day in high school
her eyes took her to him
and his brought him to her too

(starting para)
but thinking that they’d never meet
another and another led her heart away from his

That was her biggest mistake
the worst choice she’d ever made
no it’s not the way rocks songs always play
but a true confession her heart should say

the very moment they met
she secretly admiring
the way he jammed
while he secretly loved her for who she was..

finally they had each other
everyone could tell their intense desire
but just two months later

With all regretfulness and remorse
She yearns for their gone-by romance
reliving the past through countless chat logs
just like they way he did when he couldn’t get over her

Now i remember
the reason why it ended
He made her life so complete
so prefect, so surreal, a modern fairytale
all too undeservingly good her
(she was me)

i really really loved you for who you were
an individual so different, so true
and the undescribable pain that once pierced your heart
forever scars mine

(slow chorus)
Here’s my guiltful apology
How could i let go of my Mr Right
I’m left with nothing else but falling tears
I’m loving nothing but visions of you
Words were nothing until there were letters
from you…

I understand if you do not remember
May nineteenth and two months after
And i don’t think we’d ever
ever be
together again.


nice song nice song.


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