sick and tired . woke up at 11.30am this morning….

sick and tired .

woke up at 11.30am this morning.
and today’s a school day , IDEAS day as well.
i don’t look forward to any day.
yeah one of the reasons why i’m starting to get late for school,
and not fall in for prefects.

going to school later to interview mr ridzwan. hahas.
i was supposed to phone interview him last night
but he slept early. pangsai! xD

and i gotta message rabia an apology for not coming for ideas day
she misses me so much can! (:

had a weird dream last night.
could tell it was trying to convey a message
but in a very complicated manner.

and yeah…
i really hate that thirteen year old samanthatengjiayin.
such a stupid hopeless romantic!
yeah the fifteen yearold version still wants fairy tale relationships
but looking back (and all of those e-mails we exchanged. yeah i still have em)
i actually met the greatest guy ever,
yet i did not appreciate who he was,
and ditched him off like a fly.

it’s been about 2 years now.
i don’t know why i’m still feeling so guilty.
i miss the guy i “really really loved”.
i don’t suppose he’ll like the fifteen yearold version anyway
i can tell the major difference between the thirteen yearold and the fifteen yearold
but the fifteen yearold is much more mature in thinking now.
yeah mature enough to realise that i lost the best person ever.

toobad .
i guess the guy’s into another better laydee now.
good for him, happy for him.
argh. i hate myself so much can.

andyesyes. this has motivated me to write an inspirational story.
one the thirteen yearold and fifteen yearold.
and the guy.
i can do a song for astatine on that as well.
i’ll use grp 2.

okay i’ll get changed for school now


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