(: heard the Lord’s word today . rev. yong preach…


heard the Lord’s word today .
rev. yong preached !
all about lying .
lying is committing a sin .
and a harlot lied for a cause .
imagine a prostitute getting saved !
whao .
it’s like ‘saving has no boundaries’ , the only way i’d know how to put it .

and uncle hong siang and uncle nehemiah were telling us about the poetic chapters in the bible
psalms … song of solomon … book of job … proverbs … ecclesiastes …
yeah they had these literary meanings behind .
climatic parallelysis (i think the P word is wrong) repetative parallelysis … metaphors… similes…
and whao .
it was so kool mann .
i love those poetic chapters !
and to think that the holy bible was the first form of literature ? whoaaa .


wuz mugging just now .
but no matter how i tried to mug
i couldn’t .
i’m still trying .
nothing’s getting into my head !
i think my brains took its toil after mugging 7 days in a row .
seriously my mind wasn’t created for that .
(God i’m so not insulting you !)
OK .
maybe i’m just plain lazy .
but lazy people don’t mug 7 days in a row for 2 weeks !
ok i don’t have mugging ‘stamina’ and ‘perserverance’ like miss Zhang jia qi and jojo .
and kenneth tham and jayven .
those people are talented muggers .

how come i don’t lose weight when i mugggggg ???
how come i only lose weight when i go shopping .
ok this is stupid .
maybe when i spend my money
my heart breaks and all my fats fly out
so i lose weight .
ok i’m getting ridiculous . XD


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