back from OBS ! kinda sad actually . now that i’m…

back from OBS !

kinda sad actually .
now that i’m used to camping life ,
the type of food we ate ,
and getting up every morning ,
realising that you’re gonna unpitch your tents with friends .
your teammates .
and there’s totally no communication barrier at all .
although there was this black bitch and sissy boy .
HAHA . x)
whom although i really ‘hate
i really LIKE and find very very fun . (((((:

Of course there were the best people .
the really responsible onces.
weiyang , siti , syafiq and semanter lim .
whaaaaaaaos .
i reallyyy love you guys .
halimi’s super drama . and he’s deedat’s cousin . COOl . the drama runs in their blood lol .
nurafiq can really draw well! pro cartoonist .
5 days together .
5 days of fun .
5 days of squabbling . x)
i miss all that . ((:
i love camps . (:
and i really hate it when it has to end . ):

camping over at OBS made me feel so stress-free .
although i was stressed over the fact that i had to overcome my fear of the dark .
wah .
i cried like mad when i had to walk through the forest in the dark ,
and torchlights could not be switched on .
i was like
praying to God and crying all the way as i walked from the middle of the jungle ,
back to the area where we pitched our tents .
and things were moving about .
yeah . (:
wild DOGS .
so scary .
even wendy ye cried .
poor gurl .
and that black bitch had to disturb her .

okok .
so i’ll start from day 1 -//

at first i thought that the camp was gonna be a killer . my watch had a very strange name . Battuta . named after some malay guy . lol . i have no idea of his history . x) . and we got a really great instructor .
wee how . (:
i like his patience . i totally admire people with patience . coZ i’m a very impatient person and i have no idea to change myself into a patient person .
lol .
and he’s like smiling 24/7 . omL . yupyup .
after we got sorted out properly into our groups of 16 and briefed ,
we went to our store where our basic necessities were kept , tents , groundmats , water bottles , jerry cans and helmets and harness and so on and so forth were kept ,
we did this ‘trust fall’ thingy . and everyone pulled tight on this orange stretcher which was near a low platform , which we were to fall from . and the person who’s gonna fall , had to trust the 15 people that the 15 people were able to hold their weight . HAHAs . yeah i was afraid they could not sustain my weight .
everything went well yeah . and then we did this belaying exercise . not bad not bad . i got my sunburn on the first day though . hahas . yeah the sun was blazing hot .

so we learned how to pitch our tents on the first day and it was really sucessful . we cooked dinner as well . (: and i cooked the rice ! yays ! hahaha . x)

day 2 //-*

woke up in the morning . whoo hooo . then we unpitched our tents , washed up , packed the store room then went to meet wee how. after that we sat in our morning circle . now in the morning circle , we had to share about the day before , give our morning blessings and listen to wee how’s storytelling and philosophies .

and after the morning circle , we got ready for kayaking . whoo hoo !
fun stuff mann . learned how to save some lives , learned how to capsize , and learned that the front man propelled the boat and the back man controlled the directions . ahh . really tiring . burned my scalp . but i like . x)

then we did the jetty jump ! ohml . the vertical distance of the jetty to the surface of the sea seemed quite near . but when i jumped , it was like i was falling forever . had a taste of how was it like to jump down from a building . hahas . everyone did it and no one drowned or anything . (:

then we went back to shower . and we packed our bags into the storeroom’s huge and heavy duty hiking bags for the trek to the next camp site . whao . the bag was like so heavy . wee how said it should’ve weighed 4 kg . : yeah damned heavy . hahas . then he taught us the right way to carry the bags and to adjust the straps . wasn’t so bad .

we had to pack lunch , dinner , breakfast and supper into our bags . no one knew how long we were going to be away from the main campsite . wee how said his favorite phrase , ‘ you’ll find out soon . ‘
LOL . crazy weee how .

and battuta trekked all the way to the 2nd campsite . syafiq , elyn and I were the navigators . then halfway , we stopped and we did this activity .
the alpine rescue . whoa . it was crazy . we had to move this ‘injured person’ on the stretcher from one end to another . and it definitely wasn’t as easy as it sounds . moving was from one LOG to another LOG . and these lOGS had SPLINTERS . i got a splinter stuck in my finger and pants and on my butt . we did this activity with our buddy watch , Cook (aka cookies) . and the cook’s instructor’s really CUTE and HANDSOME . (: but he’s a little act cool lahs .

in the end none of us won . both the ‘ injured’ , ‘died’ .
and yeah we carried on walking to the second campsite . it was the OBS school . LOL . looked like some community centre . and yeah . we didn’t have to cook in the community centre . WE HAD COOKS TO COOK FOR US . and and we got to drink drinks!!! COOL WATER . wuz so happy mann . the guys ate like pigs .

then we pitched tents again and we went to sleep . one of the campers got scolded my hiap lu (cook’s instructor) for messing around .

day 3//-*

we woke up early the next morning again and unpitched our tents . then we went to the canteen for breakfast . beehoon . lol . who eats bee hoon for breakfast .
we did our next activity which was the tripod .
LOOKED SO FUN . and i loved the way wendy walked when she did the walk on the log . SHE WALKED SO FAST . like one monkey . whoa she can really balance herself . the heat made things worse though . so hot . had to anchor poor syafiq . wah . he had to belay like crazy for so many people .
elyn super cute mann . HAHAs .x)

lunch was good . everyone was wondering why i was wearing long sleeves . like i was feeling cold when it was so hot . i didn’t want to burn my shoulders and arms lol . and my already burned neck was hurting so turtleneck shirts protected the neck . haha .

after that we had to set off for the trek to the next campsite . syafiq , elyn and i did the navigating again . it rained . and we took the long way (which no one took ) . cozthe shorter way required campers to jump over a canal . which took up time . (we ended up being the first group to pitch tents . (: )

although we were on the right track , we took the wrong path at the last junction and we had to walk back . poor sissy boy made the hole at the bottom of his pants bigger . HAHAS . so cute ! then siti , elyn , weiyang and i tried walking backwards . coz walked backwards actually lightened our heavy load . we were totally sweating in our ponchos in the heavy rain . poor syafiq puked on the wayy .

and when we finally reached , we pitched our tents . but the pitching ground was really nothing but rocks and pebbles so we used creativity . we gathered the long grass and placed them at the bottom of our tents , making our sleep more comfortable . there were no toilets . just sea and grassland . so the dense forest became our toilets . i shan’t be too descriptive about the washroom part . x) but i can say it was super funny . HAHAS . we didn’t use the entrenching tool for shitting though . just for digging holes and burying the leftover food .

ok and here comes the lovely part .
yes darkness fell , but in a very slow and steady manner . as if to get us all ready for the night skyy . ((:
i couldn’t get to sleep in the stuffy tent , so i left geraldine alone and went to sleep outside on ponchos . (black bitch’s idea . not badnot bad .HAHA x) )
laid down next to semanter and wei yang .
there were only about 5 visible stars that night .
not much of a starry night .
hahas . semanter and i were like talking about how many guys we’ve liked so far and we were exchanging stories about our ex -es . HAHA . crazyy . x) we didn’t manage to finish talking about them though … coz i kinda fell asleep . HAHA . x))
i guess i slept for only 20 minutes . coz after that syafiq and gang and semanter spotted some wild dogs approaching . everyone scampered back into their tents . LOL . and that was the end of that lovelyy night .

dayy 4//-* ; i love this dayy God gave to me .

woke up early again as well . syafiq and i were the ICs and together with elynn we were the navigators . (:

we trekked back all the way to the very 1st campsite . and we pitched tents on this HIGH hill . yes . HIGH . we had to walk up 105 steps . and our storeroom and stuff were like , 105 steps AWAY . so if we missed anything , one would have to walk down 105 steps down and back up again . yes , whao .

oooo and i love day four .

by the time we got there it was about 10 ++ . so we pitched our tents . (:
did the ‘ triple D ‘ with our buddy watch , cook . hiap lu said it ‘meant’ DIE DIE AND DIE .
well it wasn’t that bad , really . but both partners had to be small and agile , although the activity looked like it was meant for big tough men .
well coz it was proved to be true , by geraldine and wendyy . (:

yeah they went up the triple D superr fast . one log after another , natural monkeys . SO ENVIOUS OF EM . and i was totally struggling to get up with elyn . LOL . poor elynn!! HAHAS. x) the way everybody got up was really hilarious . ((: adorable in a sense . (: kinda miss watching everyone going up the triple D . and while waiting fer everyone to complete the activity , i did some light sun tanning . HAHAS . coz the tan on my face was VERY uneven . and syafiq had to pour water over mah face . HURRR . well it made some people laughh so i let it pass . (:

then we did the FLYINGG FOX . thats really hot . (:

helped to be the ropeman together with 5 other people for cook . at first i thought that thumb strength was useless , but it was strong enough to break the fall . maybe coz there were 6 people . (:

I SCREAMED FOR MAH JOCELYN . (: and later she screamed fer me! (: love her sooo much . (:

the platform was really high up from the ground , coz climbing up the ladder before the jump was really very tiring . like going up 5 levels using a ladder . and when i reached the top , hiap lu was there . that crazy instructor asked me crazy questions before i got to jump . LOL . short but cute lahs . x)

i screamed alll the wayyy before they broke mah jump . x)) I WAS SO SCARED THAT THE ROPE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SUSTAIN MAH WEIGHT . X)))))))) and i banged into the rope . owww . there’s a markk on mah foreheadd noww . – scratches mark and continues to stratch insect bites . –

but it was a freaking nice sensation . hahas . x)


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