i won’t see you tonight . ahhs . i think i feel m…

i won’t see you tonight .

ahhs .
i think i feel much better now . drama-ing helps ! AND , thank you lord for the speedy recovery . (: but the rehearsals are getting really intense . and mr WANG’s molding me into a better actress . seriously . i think i repeated one part more than 10 times until i nearly felt like puking coz i was getting those horrid giddy spells . and me makes me project my voice so much , i think it’s gonna go hoarse ! but well , being a good actress isn’t that easy unless that person was a born drama queen .

thank you lord for helping me through this dayy .

i really can’t think of what to do for english week . how to promote people to speak proper english , read more books , and write more . hmmm . should i try doing an english rap ? or a play on promoting english ? or maybe a dance ? or dance-cum-rap-cum-play ?

ahhh .
but even so , i gotta think compose the lyrics for the rap , write the script , and choreograph the dance ? and i gotta hand in my report tml . dear lord help me help me .


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