[thank you lord for the coolingg wind and rain ! ]…

[thank you lord for the coolingg wind and rain ! ]

physics test wuz good .
hahas .
ccoz i totally RACKED mah brains fer it .
hopefully i’ll get an A* or an A1 or an A2 .
must be an A . x))

ahhh .
the poster’s half complete .
jiaqi and i did portrait painting for one of the faces already .
the potrait face isn’t really completed though .
hahas . (:
i got to think of another technique to be applied onto the 3rd face .
ahhh .
thinking .
must be some warm color tone .
maybe i’ll use another method but apply it with potrait .
samantha’s style . ((:

tml’s GEOG test .
geoggiee .
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs .
i hate geog .
i’ve never liked geog .
so how am i gonna pass geogggggg …
ahhh .

i still haven’t memorized mah script for the teacher role .
it’s like pages and pages and pages .

i can’t go to church on sundayy .
coz the competition’s on that dayy .
must bring bible along to the competition and read .
coz i didn’t go to church .
i dun wanna driftt awayy .

and and .
rizar’s dissed at me
for me getting dissed at him .
which wasn’t really a real diss.
it was just an oscar winning drama .
ahh .
haven’t talked to him for 3 days.
wonder if i should call him .
butbut i won’t apologize .
i cannot i cannot i cannot .
coz it’s not mah fault .
is it ?
i think i’d better apologize …

dinnertime .


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