* a near judgement day experience ? woke up at 3….

* a near judgement day experience ?

woke up at 3.30am this morning .
first the lightning and then the thunder .

it went on and on and on and on … till 5++ .
ahhh .
and the entire building wuz shaking .
i wuz shaking as well .
hahas. x)
lightning flash was juz RIGHT OUTSIDE mah windoww !
i was making mah confessions
. dear lord please forgive me of accidentally sprouting vulgaries and curses out of mah mouth like a bullet train when aaron does things to me…
. forgive me for not being able to attending some of the church activities coz of mah school ..
. forgive me for being a person who loves arguing ….

yahh .
and i nearly got knocked down by bus 518 (i will never ever take that bus and i’ll run 100 metres away from it) coz the roads were slippery .
and i just stood there all stunned and dumbbed .
haha .
like those movies .
when a small kid’s about to get squashed by godzilla whose feet is 100 times its size, weighing 400 million pounds ,
and the kid’s just standing there and looking up
and all the people in the cinema are screaming and yelling at the kid to just move when they know that the kid can’t hear them coz
it’s just a movie .

ahhh .
got physics test tml .
mr heng wants the entire class to get a* .
ahhh ahh.
mugging time .


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