(: jesus i love you . //- ahhh . i think i’m gon…

(: jesus i love you . //-

ahhh .
i think i’m gonna fail mah chemistry test .
yes FAIL .
at first i thought i could get 40 marks .
ok maybe and A2 .
but as i proceeded to the 3rd last page ,
i felt like tearing mah paper up
and throw mah table out of the window .

ahhh .
so i don’t quite feel like studying fer mah e maths test tml .
i could even watch tv .
guess i’m sorta in a bad mood now .
haha .
whadda weirdo .
i’m mad at myself .

ahhh .
i faked hid that i was boiling mad at her .
well not exactly fake .
i think that was when i felt moody .
i’m not venting my anger at anyone .

ahhh .
i think i’ll run through the e maths notes .
at least i’ll pass tml .

i forgot .
miss yeo didn’t come today .
so we weren’t tested today .
i don’t care .
e math’s #1 priority .
then chinese .
i couldn’t finish up chem well ,
i didn’t have time to study for chem .
i spend 2 days studying chinese .
ahh .
me and mah last minute werk .

+ renaissance of the Lepidoptera


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