[[ thank you lordd for this day .(: ]] thank you l…

[[ thank you lordd for this day .(: ]]
thank you lord for i passed my chemistry test, FINALLY came up with the final composition for the design, and that i didn’t fall asleep in class today . x)

hmmm .
my drawings aren’t that nice anymore .
they look horrid!
i don’t know why .
hurrr .
and ideas aren’t popping into my head .
i’m like so brain DEAD .
the art competition’s dead line is nearing .
one more week for my to complete my uncomplete design .
dear lord please help me !

SYF is coming in one and a half months .
and i’m playing the role of this teacher .
i didn’t really expect mr wong to give me the role .
i thought he’d pick khai .
could tell that khai sorta wanted that role ..
but i asked him if he wanted the role but he told me he was fine with playing the student .
(and for your information , the teacher role is sorta major coz the teacher is present in almost every scene . )

ok ,
i gotta go and do mah homework .
and erm .
‘ mug ‘ . x)


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