[yesterday was that day . the day that ended every…

[yesterday was that day . the day that ended everything ]

i know whats my top priority now
it’s a bright future with bucks to earn.
but such dreams require much attention.
study .
tests .
contribution .
excellence .
perfection .

so much homework and tests coming up .
now i understand why no one in LYS has as many CCAs as i have .
it’s a horrible nightmare i chose to put myself into .
but at least i’m doing the stuff i love . (:

mr anthony tan taught me some ‘breathing exercises’ just now .
supposedly to help me relax and not get all stressed up .
he commented that all the 1st hand observations i did ,
were really very disturbing images .
mainly dead people .
skulls .
dementors .
a disturbing head with it’s spinal cord dangling .
and when i tried to draw some happy soul ,
that happy soul …
still looked very disturbing .
he said something about the facial features .
oh man .
so i gotta draw more happy people ,
more happy faces .
more happy faces .

felt really sad today .
like , i’m all dejected and stuff .
why did all that have to happen .
i’d never get over you .

but still .
i gotta smile .
smiling’s good .
smiling makes everybody around me happy .
i think .
still i love smiling .
smile .
smile .
smile .


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