[[ i’m down with flu . AGAINN . hurrr. nothing new…

[[ i’m down with flu . AGAINN . hurrr. nothing neww . i look horriblee . the weather’s torturing mie . ]]

OH . i haven’t announced somethingg . My Dad‘s finally back from India ! (: AND . I almost cried to tears when he finally agreed to go back to church . Could tell that he was a LITTLE reluctant . But he came ! (: PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERING MAH PRAYER . ((:

*tair neh neh*

I STILL HAVEN’T BOUGHT MAH NEW YEAR CLOTHES YET . i need it i need it i need it . totally no time for it . how come i don’t have time to buy clothes ?! OHOH .haha . i’m exceptionally picky when it comes to buying clothes . actually, i would prefer to wear the clothes that i’ve designed . but who’s gonna tailor it fer meh . i got no tailoring skill . ((:

++ i wanna cut mah hair . something like evie’s a junhui’s . they both have the same hairstyle . HURR . but i don’t have time to cut . HURR . + mom said that it’s gonna be real expensive noww as new year’s round the corner . saii .


homework’s starting to pile up again . AHH . just did mah social studies . 3 pages . 3 more pages to go . i hate social studies . it’s THE SAME AS HISTORYY . got e maths homework . english newspaper cutting . english worksheet . gotta study the physics worksheet i had copied (whoops . x) wuz rushingg fer time . someone explain to me the meaning of velocityy )

DRAMA’S PERFORMING TML . HURR. I hope rebecca jane rememebers to bring the shirt that’s she gonna lend me tml . i have too many black t-shirts . in fact , my whole cupboard’s black and white and blue . SO DULL . i’m gonna make sure it gets some color . orange , pink , purple and GREEN . MUAHAHAHAHA . x)

thank god for this day . (:


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