i’m so losing my appetite for anything. all i fee…

i’m so losing my appetite for anything.

all i feel like

is crying.

feeling really feverish.

and very very cold.

i can feel my forehead burning up.


nice burning sensation.

just finished all ma homework.

chem, chi, maths and design.

junhui’s not home.

i really needa talk to her.

i need someone to comfort me.

ok sam.

you so gotta cheer up.

this ain’t you.

this ain’t you.

Okok. (:

Guess whad.

WanTing’s father’s gonna set up a company of his own.



And it’s called ZinZ.

Something to do with reading between the lines.



And the ‘z”s supposedly kool.

But i think the symbol is too… sophisticated.some kinda eagle motif.

he should do something simpler.

symbols like ADDIDAS’s which everyone can remember.

it’s just 3 strokes.


all the best to him mann.

Hopefully his company will make it big.

Coz he used to have a few others,

which were really terrible failures.

but this shows that WanTing’s father is very decisive and determined.


i love that kinda charisma.


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