]—> new e-mail [[ amaranthineamour__@hotmail.com…

]—> new e-mail [[ amaranthineamour__@hotmail.com ]]

Did ma housework yesterday and JunHui came over . She created a new e-mail account as well! ((: [[ strawberrymie__@hotmail.com ]] ((: After which she helped me to choose the clothes as i took a shower. Wore a black T-SHIRT and a white skirt. Black and white are always the colors you could choose when in doubt. ((: Reliable.

Went to City hall to meet up with Chelsea, Jana, Rachel and Briony. Met up with Max at Tampines. He’s such a gentleman! Apparently i phoned him when the MRT stopped at Tampines and when he realised that i was in Pasir Ris, he offered to wait for me and then meet me in one of the carriages! ((: What a kind kind soul. I don’t suppose i’ve met any guy like that so far who’d do that! HAHAS. Surprise surprise! He thought i was 16 when we first met. HAHAHA. Do i really look that OLD??????!?!!!! ((: oH . And he’s 17. So i can’t really expect much from guys my age? HAHAHA. X)) jk jk.

We were actually supposed to meet at City hall at 5.45 but i left Pasir ris at 5.30… HAHAHA. But all of us were late so it didn’t really matter. ((: Briony was early though. She was really really punctual. X) Really nice LADYY. Yesyes, she’s 19. Jana’s 14, Chelsea and Rachel are 16. Really nice bunch of people. Really. ((: But i guess i cliqued better with Briony and Max coz i didn’t really talk to Jana and Chelsea and Rachel. Could tell that we couldn’t really mix??… WHOOPS.

When we reached the Victoria concert hall, Max was -astonished- to seee that it was full house. LOL. He didn’t really like MJC. The Meridian Band played fairly well, apart from all the squeaks and pops coming from the backstage and ONSTAGE. HAHAHAHA. Ben did well as a guest player in the percussion. Jana was commenting on how much he moved especially when they played ‘The Merry Widow’ part. LOL. Very MERRY.

Hehe. And he smsed me when a song ended. Right on the dot! SO KOOL LOR. HAHA. I totally wanted to laugh. Coz as the concert played the last 2 notes… e.g C… (( with vibration )) G… (( 2nd vibration )). HAHAHAHA. okok.. i sound like some idiot. bleah. bUT it was seriously funny to me! I was like giggling to myself and Jana and Briony thought i was madd. X) Hhahaasss. Hmmm. Can tell he’s really afraid to disturb me or something coz our smsing conversations are superr short. LOL. X)) Oh ya, and he said something that i purposely didn’t reply. HAHA. i’m so mean!

I’m having another one of those horrible flu again. SICKENINGGG… -sneezes-

Verse of the dayy!

‘Shall any teach God knowledge? Seeing He that judgeth those that are high ‘

Job 21 : 22

Better to have a big heart than a big head.

Oh ya. The news about the killer waves (tsunamis) is really shockingg. You’ll never know what could actually happen anytime, any moment! And it happened on a Sundayy? =

I must keep reading the news mann. I only found out about it yesterdayy and MY MOTHER was the one who told me. LOL. SAw the news this morning and i puked over my cornflakes and milk… X) Rotting … decayed and bloated corpses all over ? scary… And Golf’s in Thailand now! I’ll be praying for the familys who have lost their loved ones and also for the ones who are missing, hopefully they’re alive.. That’s all i can do now. That’s all we can do now.

I’m being so blessed by God. ((: I LOVE MY FATHER IN HEAVEN!!! ((:


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