[[ i’mm’a weirdo that God createdd. ((: ]] Awok…

[[ i’mm’a weirdo that God createdd. ((: ]]

Awoke from my beauty sleep at noon. HAHA. SUPERRRRRR nicee sleep. I didn’t dream of anything. And thats great news! HAHAHA. Coz my brain is telling me i’m not having a mania for anythingg at the moment. And that includes –the– CK. Or maybe i was just too exhausted. HAHA. I think i prefer option 1.

Got an sms in the morningg todayy!


Was superr happy to see it.


After i awoke, i rushed to freshen up and change into my towning attire and set off for city hall to have lunch with Miss Su su. Apparently, she was late. And i reached my destination right on the dot. SICKENINGG. I’ve learned a hardd lesson. When you’re out with Miss Su, you’ll never have to worry about being late. And err, same goes to A Wen. HAHA

But it’s good that Miss Su’s late. Coz she HAD to treat me. Pizza Hut yeah? HAHA. I could’ve chosen an even costlier one, but i’m nice! HAHA. SO bhb. X) Had lasagne. Yesyes… Miss SU. If you see this, i know how to pronunce it.. [[[ LE – ZAH – NIA ]] -L- . hmpf hmpf.

But thanks to Mary, we had to eat at 3pm. HAHA. A Wen had to wait for an hour for Mary and after that she said that she couldn’t eat with us. DOTSS.

So ya, we had Pizza hut at 3pm. Chit chatted all the wayy… found out really heartbreaking stuffs from Miss Su…had to keep on realising time and again that a sanctuary isn’t always consecrated or a place you could trust…and we’d giggle like idiots, like we were the craziest creatures ever to inhabit the planet…heard some really crazyy jokes from Miss Su and A wen…talking crapp…crappedd around..kept getting phone calls from many many people…

And then Miss Su went to foot the bill. THANKS SU SU! A Wen wanted to take off with the donation box at the counter. HAHA.

Then i ate my first frozen yumi yoghurt. NICEE. $2.30 for a regular. Tastes better than ice-cream!! ((:

Walked around suntec city and saw some celebrities. They don’t care about me, so i don’t really care about them. If truth be told, i’d die to take a picture with ’em. LOL. But i shouldn’t be such an idolizer aite? HAHA. Sharon Aw..Felicia Chin.. Allan Wu.. etcetc… They all seem to be standing at the same height. LOL. They looked tall to me. But A Wen said they were wearing super high heels. Ya. tsktsk.

Ermm.. Then we started searching for another place that we could have our dinner at. HAHA. SO practically we went out the whole dayy just to eat. HAHAHAHA.

Ended up at Long John’s. Then we went home at about 8++. It was my LOUSIEST day ever. HAHAHA!!! ((you know what i mean, su!))

Collected the tickets for tomorrow’s concert from Ben’s house. Meridian JC’s Symphonic band would be performing. I guess Ben’s gonna be the drummer. He’s the best drummer i’ve known so far. Performed with him and seen him perform before. Knows everything about drums. A music person. Don’t know what to wear!! Better get JunHui to choose for me coz she’s coming over tml at 11.30am.

I need my beauty sleep!

And i guess i’m just weird in my own way. Period.


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