hieee!!! just came back from the SPEX tournament …


just came back from the SPEX tournament 2004.

wAS the photographer of the dayy.


heyy, my phototaking isn’t thaT BAD.


Saw this really suave and macho guyy. Fights super well as well!! [[black belterr]]

And he’s even a coach!!


Kept looking out for himm! In hope that our eyes would meet? Nah, it didn’t. X)

Then i told Hui Si ma’am if i could take photo of ‘my shuai ge’ with her camera.

So happened that Cheng Tar sir’e and Kelvin sir’e overheard it.


And that stupidd Cheng Tar sir’e told him i wanted to know him.

sO PAISEH. (but he smiled a cute smile! (X )After that i didn’t even dare look at him.

Did take a few photos of him (and some other people) in the end. ((:

Was busily admiring his picture at HuiSi ma’am’s triple storey terrace.

(so much for my happy ending) it turned out he’s really big headed?

Like what Vivian said? (she’s a bit like Gloria Siew. LOL )

He’s super xia lan and very boastfull.

But Jazreel said he wasn’t that bad. In fact, he’s a nice guy…



Tsktsk. Looks are really very decieving.

DON’T wish to know him.

I hope kelvin didn’t give him my handphone number.

If so, i’m gonna avoid him. Who cares about the big headed?

A thousand yup yups that i’m gonna die a spinster.

But that doesn’t mean i can’t have crushes.


Anywayy, my whole heart’s for God. (:

oh ya.

‘my shuai ge’s name is Andrea’s chinese name. SO SHOCKING LOR. HAHAHA X)

i’m being so meann..


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