(: Had loads of fun yesterdayy! BUT . There was…

(: Had loads of fun yesterdayy!

BUT . There was this guy that gave my day and unhappy ending.


Glen told me his name is Kenrick.


Sick name for a sick person.

I’m sorry to have to say this, but he’s the most disgusting person i’ve ever met in my whole life. And he traumatised my first experience with a black halter. OK… It must’ve been God’s punishment… (: I’ll never wear a black halter again. NEVER.

You wouldn’t wanna know what he said that insulted me very very badly. AND I HATE IT.

Oh well, like Uncle Hong Siang says, “Life Goes On...”

I won’t hate him. I just cannot believe there’s actually such a person in the world. Yucks!!!!


And like i said…

Had loads of fun yesterday!

Haha! Jason’s concert was super funny lorhh.

Not bad. They actually sang without scores and they even did 3 A Capellas! SO KOOL. and it wasn’t bad!

Then they did some musical on ‘Aladdin’ , a Walt Disneyy production. Not bad at all! And their costumes are super cuteee!!! So bright and colorful. And err… To EVERYONE’S suprise, Jason was the lead singer, and actor. Yup, he portrayed Aladdin.

Not badd. His movements were swift and agile. Andd in a matter of a fact, his singing was excellent for a guy with a deep voice! NEVER heard him sing mann. HAHA X) Evie was ‘admiring’ his pervertic smile.. HAHAHAHA. it wasn’t pervertic actually. but smiled from one ear to another throughout the entire concert!!! JunHui said she’d never seen Jason soo happy in her entire life before!! HAHAHAHA. X) super cute mann!!!

And i hugged a statue!!! NICE FEELING. Coz we were strolllin along singapore river, and i saw some cool looking statues. Just had the temptation to go and hug it. IT HAD NICE BROAD SHOULDERS. But very cold cold feeling. LOL. I wouldn’t mind being it’s companion tho. X) Nice broad shoulders


Miss Ng totally freaked me out during choir practice todayy.

What she said made me doubt my salvation. Jonathan said that she likes to confirm if all her choir members were saved.. We’re savedd to servee. I’m so scared i’m not saved. I always have this evil side of me and this angelic side of me.

eg. : One side tells me that i love God and i really really want to trust him and devote my whole life to him for eternity.

Another side starts getting all evil and tells me that i’m not holy enough and i’ll go to hell.

Then i start to doubt him.

Then i start to wonder if there’s even a heaven or a hell.

Thing is, do i even TRUST God?


I just don’t like talking to myself sometimes. I ALWAYS like to ask myself questions and this lands me in a pile of confusion. tsk tsk tsk. samadyy sam samm. I must TRUST him. And have FAITH in him. It’s like having a relationship. Just that this relationship is everlasting and neverending. Oh Lord. Please help mee. I really need all my questions to be answered. I really don’t mean to doubtt….

Verse of the dayy! :

“My Son . . . Keep sound wisdom and discretion. Proverbs 3 : 21 “

A moment’s bad choice may bring a lifetime of regret.


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