Crikey-O. Meow. I so wanted to go swimming…



I so wanted to go swimming today! Well, for this whole week. But yeah, for this whole week, i can’t. DARHHH. *screamms* So i’ll stick to running. Drats drats. Hmmm. Stuff thatt happened while i wuz away!!



Stayed over at Emeline’s house with Vanessa and Evie! SO FUN MANN. We did crazy stuff like what crazy girls will do. X). Everyone grabbed all of Emeline’s clothes and started dressing up and posing like models in front of the camera. From prom night dresses to cool and casual clothes. LOL! aND WE DID CRAZY VIDEOS. Err… For girls only. (: hahas!

And in the night, we made LOADS of prank calls. Some really scary ones, some really sick ones… and some really gross onesss… LOL



All of us wen’t nuts about deciding where to go and what to do. LOL. We wanted to go to Wildwildwet, but our cash wasn’t enough. Same goes for theme park. And we spent the whole morning looking for november babies and other places of interest we could all go to. (:

IN the afternoon, everyone finally decided on renting some VCDs and baking cookies. LOL. So we went to the nearby mall in Kovan. Heartland mall. Bought some 20 minutes cookie mixture, butter and a whole black pepper chicken. LOL.

When we went back, the whole chicken was wiped out in seconds. And we had problems making the cookie mixture. At first, it turned out all powerdery all though we had already added an egg and a stick of butter. None of us knew how much a stick of butter was. XD Then after some squabbling, we put all the remaining butter into the mixture. SO FATTENING. LOL. But the mixture did look better and consumable. XP.

Played some pieces on Emeline’s piano. An uncompleted ‘The Entertainer’, Canon in D, Moonlight sonata, and ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and lastly, ‘ Ballade Pour Adeline’, i think. X)

I didn’t know that cookie mixture would expand once in the heated oven. LOL. And chao da. DARHH….

The centre was so burntt… but the sides were nice. (:

In the nightt, we watched My Bosses’s Daughter and ate duck ricee. For my case, and maybe the other too, the show, was horrible. SO uncensored. But very very funny. I was like, laughing out soo loud! Haha! X)

Wwent back home with Vanessa. Yeys! There’s gonna be another stay over soon! (: Lalas.



*TEARS* The last episode of the Champions! MANN. I LOVE THAT SHOWW..



I’m so bored. Everyone’s out! WanTing’s out…WanYu’s out… Rizar’s out with YueFengg and they couldn’t be bothered to call miee alonggg…..

Evie’s having trackk camp…

Emmie’s having trackk…

Vanessa’s having church stuff…

WeiZhen’s out with Phebe and hanging out at the arcade…

My brother’s in school…

The TV shows are VERY boring…

I’m alone at home…


talk to me…. DARHHH.

*lights* I KNOW.


please don’t let mieee down.

(calling)… junhui’s eating…

whoops. alysha’s calling my handphone!!


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