[dratss. caught in a triple dilemma at first. and …

[dratss. caught in a triple dilemma at first. and it’s all really solved. perhaps my answer is none. and i thought it was one.]


did ma subject combinations option form already. Had a hard time thinking on what to take coz all ma marks were eligible for every combination. Decided to take Double Pure Science

+ Double Maths + Pure Geography + Social Studies and Literature. Should i take social studies and literature or social studies and geography or social studies and history… HMM…

accompanied my WanTiNG jiejie to the TKD malaysia friendly match selection at NTC (whampoa). =D. Told her about ma triple dilemma. Seems that i gotta make choices, that’ll be hard to make. Plus, i gotta make ma sacrifices. *sighs*

OH and WANting got SELECTED for the malaysian friendly match! =D! So happy for her! Hehe!

Next Sunday’s gonna be intensive training for me and a few other Paya Lebar CC members (Pharos) at the NTC. =. Training for SPEX tournament! oMG… Should i go or not… this is something cool and challenging that i should try…sparring…but i’m afraid of getting injured… like how kelvin kor got injured… mann… he had to stitch up the left cheek… =!

lala… i’m sad and sleepy…



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