[Waahahahas. Watched Princess Diaries 2 (piratedVC…

[Waahahahas. Watched Princess Diaries 2 (piratedVCD. =X!!!) plus WHIte Chicks! (in da movies with piZZar)]

^-^! Hehs! Omgs. WAtched a movie after school today.

DUH-uh, it was white chicks.


Was looking for someone to watch that movie with me coz everyone’s watched it already!

HAD to watch it coz everyone said it’s SUPER hilarious.


Totally laughed throughout the show!!! HAHAS!!!

Lurved the way the white chicks said ,”What ever.”

and the part when the one of ’em said, “I’m gonna have a BF!”

“what? a BF?”




i wanna watch the show again!!!

and also there’s this part

“it’s triple T K.A! Time To Totally Kick Ass!!! *^5*”

=DDD!!! yeah mANN.

and the “suck it in!!!! SUCK IT IN!!!” part!!! HAHAHA. That’s how fat people gotta fit into body fitting clothes. SUCK IT IN!!!

Hahahahahahahahhasss!!!! =X

Kays and i also wanna watch Princess Diaries 2 in the MOVIES. MUST. Coz the pirated VCD was too muffled. Drats. What’s a movie without a clear dialogue? I don’t understand what was going on. Wasted ma time on piracy. =D.


Played captain’s ball today. YEys our team got first!!! Muz thank all 6 members!!

Jocelyn, Si Hong, Wani, Wati, Rabia, Era!!! *HUGS*

You guys played SUPER well!! So swift and agile! Lols. =D!


Meowss. Smsed the wrong person yesterday! Wahahaass!!!

Was like smsing Daniel’s father… omg.. LOL.

Good thing he told me…




Oh wellss. Playing the communicating machine in between Yong Wei and Jun Hui noww. Yong Wei smses ma fone, and i type out da msg to JUNhui. =D! OOPS. Here’s the message! Chaos fer now!




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