-//*busier than school days! =. but. MORE FUN. YEY…

-//*busier than school days! =. but. MORE FUN. YEYS!!!*//-


Ok. I’m so excited. I have to list out ALL the things that have happened after the exams. !!! =D



The end of science paper. I don’t think i’ll be doing well for it. HAHAS. Coz i couldn’t concentrate on the subject and kept on thinking of… thinking of… ok. If you think i was THINKING OF SOMEONE, heh. You’re soooo wrong bloggie. SO WRONG. =D

I WAS THinking of the 6G reunion! =D!!! Couldn’t help it! Knew it was gonna be loads of fun. I was even thinking of it during the test paper! =X. hahahas!

Then after the paper, i quickly rushed back home and did housework and then i took a shower and changed into ma clothes. So slack. t-shit and pants. SO SLACK. >.one lil bob there. ARGH. I couldn’t help it but tell her that she looks retarded. I’m not joking. R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D!

Then met Evies. Ok. Then i realised both of them had the same hairdo. HAHA. I’m not going to chop off my hair like that. NO. =D

And yeah, we went gals went over to downtown east to wreck it. HAH. =X. Chalet B. B 131o.

Entered the room. I nearly fainted. The room was horrible. Boy’s odor. O-M-G. !!! Mann. Ok it wasn’t that bad…but. BOY’S ODOR. At least spray some deodorant! =XX… Uh-huh… the boys… (6 of em) were playing some spidey gaME on the PS… We gurls, totally had nothing much to do but scream squeal shout and laugh… i think the room was gonna crash down coz of our voices… tricia and evie argueing away.. junhui’s trying to shut them up… me complaining about the boys odor and who the strange strange people were… SIGHS. WILD WILD WEST IS BACK. =X!!!

Oh, we went to the new swimmin pool coz we thot the 2.50 that all of us were supposed to give was Ethan Raj Able’s profit. I was fuming! But he isn’t like that larh. Hahas! He needed the money for food. Saw the wild wild wet. SO DAMNED NICE. I WAS SOOOOO TEMPTED TO HAVE SOME FUN IN THE SUN! But… argh. my period’s ‘ere. Juz when the fun’s started! ARGHS…

Went back to the chalet. WWS argued with Ethan about whether we should have a bbq or not. Why?


#1: No one knows how to start a proper fire. eg.: the first one was last year’s 6G reunion BBQ. The bbq fire was a TOTAL disaster. LOL!

#2: There was so little people! Coz the malays can’t make it as they’re fasting and the current 6G (2004) is having another chalet. ARGH.


Well, we had the BBQ anyway. Haha!!! Coz Ethan kept on saying he started a fire at his grandmother’s his great grandfather’s… huh. all the grandmother stories! HUH… So we dared him to start the fire. No fire, no bbq.

And i was shocked. After screaming over the WWE PS game, (haha! so fun!) we smelled fire. YEYS. But err, we haven’t had the food so Jason’s cousin went to buy em.

Guess the chef of the day. YES ME!!! =D. I am so proud of myself. =D. Not proud as in = i am proud. This is the first time i’ve been the chef in a bbq. Whenever i went to the bbQ, i always ate and ate and ate and never cared about the bbQing coz the adults always did the job. LOL. 14 years on planet earth and this was my first time. A VERY SUCCESSFUL first time! Everyone said the food was delicious. Ok fine, it’s the food it’s the food……………… But not one of em were raw! =D!!! WELL- COOKED OK…. OKOK… i’ll stop i’ll stop,… =XXX…

Cooked and cooked all the way from 4 – 7 ++… ahahahas. Had fun card games. “Big 2” + “Heart attack” + ” Black Jack” + “Heart attack” and this really fun hand game and the last game was truth or dare. The truth or dare one was really hilarious. =D Ethan had to go over to a guy and tell him that he was IN LOVE with him. HAHAHA!!! Evie had to go to the middle of the entire area and shout “I love my mother!”. Tricia did the same but shouted, “I LOVE WEARING SHORT SKIRTS!” Jovy had to lick the bbQ pit and lie and the grass and say”I’M SWIMMING I’M SWIMMING! ” hahahahahaha!!!!!!! dats was soooo cute and funny mann! HAHAHAHASS!!!

But the gurls (evie junhui and tricia) all had to go back coz they had school the nxt day. Everyone went back home together. Jason’s cousin and her boyfriend stayed back at the chalet. Hehe……………………………………………

Oh and there’s gonna be another chalet this coming sun, mon and tues! yes yes yes!!! YESSSS. I hope mr thiru can make it! =D




Went on a movie marathon with Rizar, Andrea, Hidaya at izzati’s house! LOL =D!!! Watched exorcist coz i was late… Had to do housework. SIGHS. By then they had already finished watching cinderella story and were halfway through princess diaries 2. Then.. we watched exorcist: the beginning. Ok, that’s the most horrible show ever.


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