meow//meow//meow MY WORLD ———…. *Pu…




*Purrs* Juz woke up. Mann, and i had a dream about last night…

Should i juz forget about what i said.

Everything that had happened???

Maybe i shouldn’t have had said it…

But.. It’s now or never.

Well i’ve said it already///

What to do what to do.

My heart ain’t broken


Hmm. What about the GV guy, the HS guy, the MJC guy?

HAHA. I’m crazy. They are just the people i admire.

Differentiate love and admire.

Love is stronger.


I didn’t say i LOVE

It’s juz too strong a word.

Maybe what i feel is juz a lil crush?

Still, my crushes are stronger than admire.

sighs. sighs. sighs.

“I’m the one who wants to be with you

Deep inside i hope you’d feel it too”



mEowness. Yesterday was my english test paper. It was like, DAMNED easy! Damned me for freaking out the day before. Who would have thought the paper would turn out this way?? LOL. Everyone was like,” Miss Thien is setting this paper! SURE FAIL SURE FAIL.”


whOO Hoo! Praise the Lord. One down and a few more to gOO. Errh. Maths and MT paper 1. Shit MOTHER TONGUE. shit MATHS!!! I hope that the maths and MT paper would be just as chicken feet as the english paper. But what the heck. Let me panic. The more i panic, the better i do. =X wahahas.

Went to WS yesterday with Pizzar, Hidayah and Alysha………… Haha! I was telling them about the show, ‘Art of the Devil” coz they didn’t get to watch it. MANN. I had reAL FUN! It came to one part when i realised that they were soooo ENGROSSED (their eyes were wiDE open and their ears were really HUGE =X) i couldn’t help but say…,” BOO!” hahahahahahahaahha!!!!! AND MANN! They totally went screaming their heads ofFF! HAHAHAAHAHA. Better watch more horror movies so i can freak people out like that. =X wahahas. EViL.

I WANNA watch OUJia Board + White Chicks + Princess Diaries after the exams. Maybe i’ll watch White Chicks with… Rizar? I think i’m the only one who hasn’t watched White Chicks! DAMNED. And err… Princess Diaries with rizar… and oujia board wit rizar. Always rizar. =X waHAHAHAHAS. But of course with a few others lARH. The more the merrier!!! We could all scream and laugh together and rock the whole cinema! EVILLLL….Must start saving up for my movie mania. =D

—————————————-THE END———————————————–

Here’s a song i found totally swell. Maybe how i feel too? Hahas. By a gay band… But anyway, the song is nice. That’s the ONLY song. WAHAHAS. Heard it on the commercial.


Hold on little girl

show me what he’s done to you

Stand up little girl

A broken heart can’t be that bad

when it’s through, it’s through

Fate will twist the both of you

So come on baby come on over

Let me be the one to show you


I’m the one who wants to be with you

Deep inside I hope you feel it too

Waited on a line of greens and blues

Just to be the next to be with you

Build up your confidence

So you can be on top for once

Wake up who cares about

Little boys that talk too much

I seen it all go down

Your game of love was all rained out

So come on baby, come on over

Let me be the one to hold you


Why be alone when we can be together baby

You can make my life worthwile

and I can make you start to smile


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