mEOw~ —————————————–…



Scream-Os blogg! SCREAM-oS! =D.

pop, you don’t know how much i miss you. Sighs. How come you’re not replying my mail. Even though if mum and i don’t show it, we actually love u like hell. Where on earth are you… I really hate you for leaving us like that but i still love u. sighs.


*******Bai Ma WANG Zi!!!*****


MeOws meOws. Hidayah and Ernest saw my BAI MA WANG ZI in da bus this mornin! 359 bus!!! DO I HAVE TO BE SO ILL FATED… KaOs. I totally took Regina’s free ride at the wrong time. shit shit shit!!! Wahhahahahahha……… *SOBS* Ernest was telling me about how his new hair style was. Spiked up in fashion mann. OMG HE’LL LOOK SO CUTE. Last time he looked real innocent. This time he is INNOCENT + CUTE. How great can this get mann. Haven’t seen him for like, a few weeks???

And am i getting too tall. Nah. I think i wanna get to 170. I don’t care. i HAVE to achieve that height. Tall’s nice. Harhs. But i’ll be too tall for bai ma wang zi. Guys don’t like tall gurls mann. hurr. DORTS. ok, i don’t expect bai ma wang zi to like me or anything. In my dreams perhaps.

Plus, for the last time, FATE, i beg you to let me meet him!!! >.-




Freak-o mann. Exams are comin and teachers are totally piling us up with homework. I hate homework. And my mind ain’t focusin well. Isn;t becoz of bai ma wang zi larhs. He’s supposed to be my motivation, not to demotivate me. >.

Everyday i get damn tired after doing housework. I think mum’s worse off. She has to wake up early in the morning, do all the housework, go to work at 11, come back at 6 plus or 7 plus then eat then continue doing the housework again… I doze off in class. I hope she doesn’t doze off while working or fall ill. So try to do as much as i can to help out. Sighs. I have to find time for my homework and study. Finals are coming. This one’s impt. 2 more weeks and poof, it’s here. Yeah? Stress myself all the way for 2 weeks, then rock for 2 months! OK SET.

Then i’m gonna cut on msn and everything. Will be seeing ya in … 23 oct? Study is the thang mann… i wanna be a happy lady…


oHhos. Whadz fer homework.

#1 => Art. Theme: Minute. Do da Supportive study. Did sketches for ideas and mind mappin already. Muz complete it tml at macs with junhui. =D. Found my new talent with using the pen to draw. I thought Mdm Teo was gonna scream at me for using a pen.

#2 = > English stuff… comprehension…

#3 = > Ma homework. I gotta do this for Media Inc. Set interview questions for Mr Elmi. Muz be really killer questions mann. The “Chef On Call” teacher of LYS. And set up new columns and hope that Mr SuHaimy would approve of em? One column’s one hold already… I’m sooo sure it’s gonna be rejected. The pain! The pain!!!

#4 = > Maths. Darn maths! MRS FOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! ARgh. So much maths homework. Was totally screaming when she wrote the number of questions we had to do on the board. REALLY screaming.

#5 = > Hmm. Forgot whad it was. I know it’s something. anyway, it’s something.

Kkies. I wanna doze now. I’m on an automatic shut down.

*shutting down*



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