yElL-OooOo bLog HeAr me Out +++++++++ I’m sic…

yElL-OooOo bLog

HeAr me Out


I’m sick. Yeah sick. aving real high fever. So i’ll be getting back to bed soon. Haha. Mum hugged me in da middle of the night while i was asleep. Den she realised that my body was strangly very warm even though the air-conditioner was on. She woke me up gently but calling my name in such a sweet sweet manner. *smiLes* So sweet! Like an angel in my fantasy, talking to me! But woke up with my entire body sOO warm and aching all over! Yeah, took my temperature. 38 degrees something… She gave me 2 fever pills and some water.

Mann, i get fever very easily thanks to the sudden change of weather in Singapore. One could feel as if one’s in an oven and suddenly ice being poured down your neck.

TeAchers DaY


Argh today’s actually the T’dae rehearsal and i’m that -WaYang KuLit- scriptwriter. I think Mrs Sheri should take the first script. It’s better. Instead of the -wayang kulit-. I feel like telling her so. But in such a way that i’m not trying to say that her -WaYang KuLit- idea sux. =]



Byes. I wanna chao to my bed. Sleepy. Must be that medicine.


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