ElAtiOn!!! Guess whad?! 5 good things happened …


Guess whad?! 5 good things happened to me today. hEEx.

1. Woke up in the morning and dad was… execptionally nice to me. (i wanna thank God for letting this MIRACLE happen and for those who have beeen praying for me!!! *HugXX and KiSseS*)

2. I MET MY BaI Ma wAng Zi AT THE BUS STOP TODAY!!! Finally after soooo many weeks! He’s even more charming and nice than ever!!!

[Hidayah and i decided to give that guy a nice name. Cozz we dunch know his name. Hahs. >.Daniel? Will be thinking of another bETTER one soon. Hahs. This is so gonna motivate me.]

3. I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES! ThAnks to HidAyah that is. Haha! BloCk 626… #13-???… Hhahax… No idea. >.JOY JOY.

4. WaSn’t late for prefect’s fall in this week!

5. Pay day’s today! For doing all the housework, i get… $5! Hahas. At least it’s something! YEYS.

BuT IN turn. A few bad things happened today.

1…Rizar’s lookin’ mad at me.

2…Got it straight into the face from YueFeng? But she’s kinda oHkae now… hahax. =X

3…Nigel’s saying my hair’s too messy (fringe…)

4…EERRR. Rizar’s still mad at me? (unsure if he is)

5…Mum and dad still not talking… =.=.

But all in all!!! There’s more good things happenin’ than the bad! 3 CHEERS FOR CEMENT TURTLE!


HmM… Err. Just realiZed that CA2’s only testin’ Eng maths and science… HaHx. The marks for the rest are from class tests and assignments. =]. Yey. Less stress.. (WHOOPIE. NO MOTHER TONGUE CA)

I wanna watch Twins Effect 2!! And Garfield!!!

Gotta ;collect; YueFeng’s pressie soon!!! B’dae’s in 5 more days… HAH!!! ^-^

Will be jamming next week.

EErrrs.. Still feeling ”lonely”’.

TOO MANY NIGHTMARES. Can’t sleep well.

I wanna sleep now.


Piggie me.




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