YeLl-o bloGg! *HuGs* Haha. Hugs to something vi…

YeLl-o bloGg!

*HuGs* Haha. Hugs to something virtual… Oh well. Havent heard from me for a long long time yeah? Been having tons of problems and stress. And it has taken its toll on me.



Isn’t gettin’ any better. Mum and Dad aren’t talking anymore. Mum’s with the housework and dad’s with… his “work”. I wonder what’s he doing on the computer when he’s jobless already. When i ask him about it… “Not right now, i’m busy. , Don’t ask me ok? It has nothing to do with you, don’t worry… etc etc…” =.=. whaD. And going over to financial problems. Wheeeee. No one’s giving me allowance. Gotta depend all on myself now. Have to find a job real quick. Hmmm… But i wonder. Mum earns $2000. So if 50% of it goes to the household, then what happens to the other 50%? I mean, we can’t be that pathetic, are we? Mann, that life of class i used to live is now over.

Saw some kids playing with a paper aeroplane as i walked home today. Probably aged about 4-6? Running about, all excited by such a DIY “machinery”. How i wish i could be one of those kids, living that kind of life. Haha, not playing aeroplanes everyday. But… A life that has no worries. No worries about having to see world war 5 going on at home… no worries about money… no worries about anything… Knowledge kills. I don’t wish to know anything anymore. Anything about air pollution or water shortage or land sarcity and when we’re gonna die and horrible stuffs. And yeah, tests… homework… if not the consequences would be severe… *ArGh*



Maan! So many people’s birthday’s on August!! Hehe… Me too! National day national day (09/08)! But i guess i’ll be spending more on other people’s birthday than mine… haha… Rizar’s pressie… Yuefeng’s pressie.. Cheryn’s pressie… My desmond di di’s birthday… countless birthdays… !!!O_O…

Went to TM with FengZz today. Haha… Was shopping for RIzAR’s pressie… (and hopefully she has what she’s gonna give me in mind… ;)) Errrhx. Really hafta find a joB. Hhaha! But i think i can use my birthday money aunty Sui Fong gave me.. =D


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