HarLoe BloGgie…    Uh-hUh””’ Invesiture’s c…

HarLoe BloGgie… 


Uh-hUh””’ Invesiture’s coming in another… 4 MORE DAYS TIME… argH!”’ *.+… I caNnot LiVe”’ OHkae.  Tommorrow’s the tech-run, sewing of the loop for the banner, hanging the banner after the assembly, buying refreshments with mr poon, getting the lists of sec 3 and 4’s departments from mrs sheri, buying the ribbons to wrap up the souvenirs. Everyone, freak out. Gotta practice singing “One in a Million” and get the tune right.





Watched ‘Sisters’ on Saturday with Alysha, her BOIFREN…, (sO envious seH! haha, wHad only) Hidayah, Marhamah, Izzati, Aina, Shahidah, Hani, Mustafa, Fadlul, etc etc… can’t rememeber the rest… Lolx… Pretty freaky show. Kept screaming and screaming… Thank goodness i wasn’t the loudest there. Marhamah was! =X… The way she screams is so cute!! Haha!!! I was practically shivering in my seat and grabbing Hidayah’s hand… dOts! I can’t believe she didn’t even scream at all! I don’t think she even found the show scary…





No peace, no peace. Mom’s screaming, dad’s yelling. It’s best to put up a smile and pretend everything’s alright so people won’t have to put up with a ya-ya papaya faCe… *SmiLe* “aLwAYS looK on the BriGht SidE of LifE” Uh-hUH))===–> hOW. The first thing i hear in the morning is not my alarm clock. It’s my mother’s screaming. The last thing i hear before i go to bed is my mum’s screaming. What i get after coming back home from a tiring day is my mother’s nagging and not her “hey you look tired. eat your dinner and have a early night alright?” That’s what mothers in movies say. Mothers in reality say, “What time is it? Now then you’re back. How many times have i told you to come back home early? And what did i say about taking off your shoes in the house? TAKE IT OUT NOW. Quickly finish your dinner and wash the dishes. Wash your clothes. Mop the floor… vaccum the floor… no computer… go and bathe… etc etc etc…” it goes on and on and on… Can i send my mum for some plastic surgery that’ll remove her mouth?





Woke up late again today. So sleepy. Hair fell in the right place. Bag’s pretty heavy. Usual tiring day at school. Learnt new stuff. School’s not that bad. Got to get closer with new friends, Alysha and Hidayah.. Will be speaking in Malay Lang tomorrow and Hidayah will be speaking the Chinese Lang. Whee!””””’ +.*) Mr Poon’s even colder towards me as usual. I feel like cryiNggg… i have to try and be less emotional and sensitve.


Investiture again



Sam. It’s juz 4 more days. Kill yourself more with this investiture stuff and make sure that everything GOES WELL on that day. It musn’t turn out like a hoo-hA (actual meaning). Pray hard that


1. Everyone will sing one in a million well

2. Everyone will walk-in with CO-ORDINATION and SMILE

3. no problem with sound system and lights

4. Mcs will speak CLEARLy

5. There will be enough souvenirs

6. Refreshments handled PROPERLY (NO ONE  MUST GET FOOD POISONING!!! =)

7. Everyone will get their ties and badges and their departments.

8. Mrs Sheri and Mr Poon will be happy

9.Invited Guests will be juz as Happy and pleased with the performance, agenda etc.

10. Prefects will be happy doing this.


and more.


Please make this whole event ROCK. whee whee whee. After this, you’ll be freed of 1/8 of your current load. *HeAveS a SiGh oF ReLieF*






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