YeLl-o blOggie…   Thank God i’m done with the …

YeLl-o blOggie…


Thank God i’m done with the new blog. Had to bear with rearranging the entire template and my mum’s neverending nagging. Her nagging is like…sharp knives stabbing me head…to my ears. Sometimes i feel like taping her mouth! The entire household would be in peace then, and dad wouldn’t get so angry! My bro wouldn’t need to suffer so much too..


Prefect’s Investiture



Don’t have the ‘bang’ to organize this anymore. Mr Poon… Mann. I can’t believe what he actually said about me. It’s sooo hurtful! I really grateful to Rizar for telling me what he said about me. Am i a person that is not to be trusted? Mr Poon doesn’t trust me nor entrusts me stuffs anymore. Yeah, i can admit i’m not quite a responsible person, but to think he actually said he doesn’t trust me…ow… And how many times he has already pushed me to my emotional limits…to the extend that i fill up a bucket with my tears… I’ve always liked his humourous, amiable and friendly character. But after he telling my off without even considering my reasons and my feelings… *SiGhs* I should’ve not doubted Rizar. Rizar was totally right about him.


And i think the trust was broken after what’ve told Mr Poon about my dad. Did he actually believe what my dad said to me? Did he actually agree with my father?? Did he actually not understand me? Why do all fathers think the same way? It’s not their choice of what i want to become in the future, it’s not like they’re the one going through the growing pains of a teenager. So what if Mr Poon doesn’t really like the CoL idea??? So everything’s my fault then. Me joining CoL so that i could have a portfolio for an arts school. Mrs Sheri choosing me to organize Prefect’s Investiture 2004 when i didn’t even expect her to. Me having a father who doesn’t like me to come back home late and always being at school and no family time.


That was all yesterday’s stuff. Today’s another day. Not that bad. Slightly better. Maybe’s i’m just getting adapted to this new ‘weather’. Had a re-run of Prefect’s Investiture 2004 today. Wasn’t that bad. The grand walk-in was terrible though! The song that Mr Poon picked had no beat/timing that the prefects could hear so i had to time for them. “1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4..” WHao. It’s no wonder i’m losing my voice. Everyone’s complaining about the walking style too. Too dead, too wedding-like and too limpy. Ok i agree, but what other styles can they walk to that dumb song then?


Next, Rani’s losing her cool with the organizers. Yup, Rizar, Marhamah and Me. Sorry that i wasn’t neither being productive nor prompt, but HELLO, we didn’t go through any course or anything ok. I’ve never done this before. Yeah, say that we’re prefects and we have leadership quality, but you can’t blame us for every mistake we’ve done! We’re prefects, not PERFECT. Same goes to Yan Fang. I’m tired of all this. Good thing there’s Alvin and Nigel. If not i’d not know what to do. And Rizar. Without Rizar, i’m the world’s greatest sotong. Lol. I don’t really know what’s going on now. Everything’s being ammended last minute and i don’t even know about it. Didn’t tell YanFang about that when she scolded me for not knowing anything especially when i’m the organizer. She’ll make the matter worse.


Last (but not least), the sec ones were great! I totally LOVe them! I enjoy working with them! I don’t understand why the seniors are complaining about them. I was argue back when they said they weren;t co-operating, but i held myself back coz i was reprimanded bY RIZAR for being RUDE and being such a non-stop ARUGEING machine. Hey, i wanna voice out my opinions mann. Argh. Homosapiens. Damm these creatures.





Argh! I seriously cannot stand my mother’s naggin!!! I’m VERy irritated now. Come back home from school, nag. Wake up in the morning, nag. Eat dinner, nag. SLEEP also must nag! Not happy, don’t give me allowance. What’s the matter with her???





I’m sooooo envious of this gurl. She has a “boifren” and i don’t. Haha. Kidding. SHE had a romantic date with her *ahem* juz now. Rizar and i were totally laughing out heads off, seeing them both nervous and tensed up. (come to think of it, i was like that on my first date but oh well, what the heck. i’m never gonna have a date again, i guess) Hahas. “GO. Send her home” was what i said to her *ahem*. Pathetic mann. Can’t he think and tell her he wanna send her home? Hmm. I CAN BE A CUPID AGAIN. It was I who brought em together! =X.. Kkies, it was fate that brought em together. What more can i say? Well, calling Alysha now. Byexxxx!!!





P.S: Damn. CoL’s tml! Gotta put that auntie make up. I’m gonna bring my mirrors and facial and rubber bands and cream and toner and moisturizer and my.. etc etc … haha. jkjk



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