HeYyo bloG… Juz got another unreasonable scol…

HeYyo bloG…

Juz got another unreasonable scolding from my dad… Everything’s my fault. I didn’t even use the printer and he blames me for spoiling it. It was already spoilt when he left for India. He justs has to accept the fact that the printer sux instead of blaming me!!! So what if he cannot print HIS documents? What about my WORKSHEETS and HOMEWORK and PROJECTs??? I’m not being selfish, but he’s not being apathetic nor sparing a thought about me! The moment i come back, i get blamed for everything. I see my brother getting blamed too. We’ve like human-blaming-machines to them. I really dread stepping in my home. Sometimes i have thoughts of running away. My parents would be more than happy to have one mouth less to feed, one soul less to nag and scream at but unhappy to have one person less to yell and vent their frustrations on. It’s like, i’ve already had such a tiring day out. My head really starts to explode when i hear my mother’s sharp screaming, nothing but bad remarks and unreasonableness, voice. Same goes to my father’s terrifying growling ferocious yelling. I can REALLY DIE at this rate. And i’m not getting my usual allowance since dad came back. Our household’s like, strapped.



Grading for TaeKwondo green belt’s tml. Hope i’ll pass… Yeah… Investiture… Nothing to hope for but something to do… It MUST get done…



dad’s screaming.






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