HarlOe BlogG! I’m beginning to suspect there’s …

HarlOe BlogG!

I’m beginning to suspect there’s something really really wrong with me. I can’t be THAT sick or something right?? First it was that eye infection, followed by a perpectual headache (or migrane.. which one, i also don’t know) and now it’s a roLlercoaster (not stomach pain! hahax, poor rizar and yuefeng! haha) fEver and the suPer flu.

Why i call it a rollarcoaster fever??? Yesterday, i got a fever in the afternoon (in the morning was a super bad flu). Temp 38.2 *c. Then i took 2 panadols plus flu medicine. The fever subsided. Later on in the evening, the fever went up again. 39.7 *c. Mum went crazy and gave me another 2 panadols plus somemore flu medicine. (by then i had already used up 2 boxes of tissue) The fever subsided. 2am in the morning, the fever went up again and i burned. 40 *c!! Mum gave me another type of panadol and again, the fever subsided… -.- I began sweating non-stop until 8am in the morning. (by then i was already in school, taking the english exam… ) THE FEVER CAME BACK AT 10AM… =.=! Again i took the panadol during recess… uHhuh. I didn’t sweat. The fever continued all the way to 3.30. The temp rose from 37.2*c – 38.2* – 39.2*c… 11am, 1.30pm, 2.30pm accordingly… Took 2 more panadols when i came back home… At about 3.30pm… Right now, i’m totally sweating!!! But i still feel very very cold and hot. My fingernails are like sooooooo purple! =|!!! *whAts HaPpeNinG tO mE*

Called mum up right after i reached back home and said that she had better send me to the doctor’s tonight. The doctor will then decide if i will have to be admitted to the hospital. I’M SOOOO PROBLEMATIC. Gawd. I’d better do well for the exams. Especially maths. How i hate algebra.

Gotta zzzzz right now. Tired after typing. zzzzzzzzzzz. My brain’s totally knocked off mann.




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