-[ Damned. I hate school. ]- Heyyas. School…

-[ Damned. I hate school. ]-


School’s starting tomorrow. Huh. I expect one more week of holiday. I DEMAND one more week of holiday. Argh. So that’s all about it for school.

Whhoooo hoo!!! Hehehe!!! Rizar and i watched a movie on March 19 !!! THE EYE 2! OMG!! It was like so damned freaky!! And funny! (with rizar arnddUH) Hhahaha!!! It wasn’t that super freaky as i expected it to be. I guess i scared my ownself before the show even started. Hahaha!!! hen yeah, i was screaming so loudly that even Rizar who was sitting beside me was about to go deaf! HAHAHA!!! I so must watch more of these horror! I totally love screaming! Hahaha!! Then there was one so scary part that i even had to cling onto rizar’s shirt! HAHA!!! IT WAS THE MONA LISA PART! ( yeah rizar should know what i’m talking about!) And there were so many gays and lesbos in TM… Holding of the waists… Hands… Behavin intimately… OMG. I so wanna faint.

And the day before that (18th march) i watched Haunted Mansion with Evie and Emmie! Hahaha!!! We 3 screamed at the same time with the part when the butler suddenly appeared! Oh that damn butler! Hahahaha!! Very super funny mann!

Great week i had! Sighs junhui couldn’t join us coz of her mum… I wonder what’s wrong with her mum. She’s ever restraining her daughter from doing online homework! So i had to do it for junhui… OHS. THIS REMINDS ME. I HAVE TO GO TO HER HOUSE NOW AND GIVE HER HER HOMEWORK. DIED. I JUST DIED. AND WHAT TIME IS IT NOW. I AND I HAVE TO DO THE INVESTITURE PROPOSAL AGAIN. I’M SO DEAD.


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