The unheard thunder clapped and roared in my head …

The unheard thunder clapped and roared in my head

Bolts of lightning flashed past my mind

Tears drowned both my eyes

Whimpering moans, weeping cries

The outcast I am

Demoralized it’d be

I don’t want any more sympathy

What’s wrong with my perspective

The most pathetic of the cream

All rotten and discrete

Isolated by the corner

Typecast as a loner

I’m so ashamed

Don’t look at me

Don’t look at me!!!

My every struggling breathe

Contracted my head

The emptiness inside of me

Trying to bawl free

From beyond the pale

I am I am

All unreasonable

All unforgivable

All incompatible

All difficult

All your crap

All ready to be taunted

All ready to rebel

All the worst you could ever imagine

Sometimes I ask myself

If I’m that dreadful,





And now ironically unjustified

Enclosed in a terra firma filled with my own charlatans

What did I do time and time and again

What did I do!

Wasn’t able to sleep last night

Having dark circles round my eyes

Couldn’t stop crying

My heart kept on breaking

Mum found out and told me not to go to school

Saw the doctor as i had a bad flu

Couldn’t eat with an appetite

I don’t feel like saying anything

I can’t stop crying

I dunno why

Even at this moment

Crying am i

Crying am i

Crying am i

I know he’ll never forgive me

Last night i questioned myself incessantly

What did i do

What have i done

What’s my freaking problem

Why can’t i just rot and die now

Die now

Die now

I feel so sick and all delirious

It’s just too much

Too hilarious

This is insanity

But i can’t stop

The tears from flowing

I’ve been crying an endless river

Why do you have to get angry at me, time and time again

WHy do u have, to hate me

My number one

Now you’re all gone

You don’t wish to know me

You don’t wish to acknowledge me

So now i’ll say, i’m very sorry

I know my apologies

Will never soften your heart

Will never, cease your ceaseless hate and dislike for me.

I’m so sorry. So for something i don’t know what i have done. I just want to tell you, you’re my only number one. Both of you. How is now that it is too late. I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorrry…


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